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Our people have been engaged in farming since time immemorial. And even now, one of the most developed sectors of our country is, of course, the agricultural sector. In order not to sit quietly at home, our Mirishkor people engage in gardening and farming in their yard.

With the help of this production line, it is possible to produce buckets that are widely used both at home and in construction. With the help of the equipment, you can produce not only buckets, but also many other types of products.


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At this point, we should emphasize one piece of information. One of the types of buckets that are very popular among our people is the “panda bucket”. The peculiarity of this type of buckets is that these buckets are very flexible. It does not break even under high pressure. Even after bending, it returns to its original state. You can see the proof of this in the following pictures and videos.

As you can see above, “Panda bucket” has very high quality and durability. You can produce the same products with the help of our equipment that we would like to offer you. With the help of one equipment, you can produce products of different sizes. In this case, it is enough to change the mold of the equipment. Now let’s get acquainted with the general information of the production line.

General information

  1. Production line name: Bucket production line
  2. Production capacity: 150 units/hour
  3. Production capacity: 65kw/h
  4. Required raw materials: HDPE/PP/PE
  5. Required area: 100 square meters
  6. Number of workers: 2
  7. Number of molds: 1

Let’s get acquainted with the necessary equipment.

Thermoplast automatic equipment


The main equipment of our production line is the bucket forming equipment. One mold is included in the price of this equipment. By changing the molds of the equipment, you can produce products of other sizes and shapes. When the customer orders the equipment, the molds are specially made and delivered according to the customer’s request. With the help of the equipment, you can produce 150 buckets per hour on average. You can familiarize yourself with the complete technical parameters of the equipment using the following table.


Thermoplast automatic equipment
Screw diameter 65mm
The strength of the press 2900kn
The maximum height of the culm 600mm
The minimum height of the culm 220mm
Burn weight max 900g
Maximum pump pressure 16 Mpa
Pump motor power 30kw
Heating power 15kw
Equipment dimensions 6*1, 6*2, 1m
Equipment weight 8,5 ton

In the table below, you can have information about the parts of the equipment:

Parts of mold forming equipment
Guide shaft YUKEN ( YAPONIYA)
Proportional shaft HNC ( TAIWAN)
Electric motor QIANLIMA( XITOY)
Contractor LS ( KOREYA)

Automatic vacuum loading equipment

This equipment increases the speed and productivity of the work process. You can automate the workflow with the help of equipment. This equipment delivers the finished raw materials to the extruder (mould forming) equipment, that is, a separate worker does not need to insert the raw materials.

Automatic loading equipment
Delivery size 450kg/h
Sigimi 6,5l
Pump internal diameter Ф38
General dimensions 680*370*500mm
Total weight 41 kg 

Drying bunker

It was the turn of the smelting hopper equipment. The function of this equipment is to dry and melt raw materials and deliver them to the main equipment.

Melting hopper
Capacity 50kg
External dimensions 840*540*1030mm
Heating power 4,8 kw
Material Stainless metal



Mixer equipment is used to add color to the raw materials we use for our buckets.

Capacity 100kg
Speed 100kg/3min
General dimensions 1150*800*1300
Weight 280kg
Voltage 380v 50hz
Motor power 3 kw

Grinding equipment

As in any work, when we produce buckets, excess waste is generated from raw materials. The equipment grinds this waste and makes it ready for reuse.

Grinding equipment
Power 4 kw
Number of rotating blades 6
The number of ordinary blades 2
Rotation speed 720r/min
Screen size ф8
Weight 340kg
Max crushing capacity 150-200kg/h
General dimensions 1000*800*1050mm


The equipment, of course, gets hot during operation, and cold water and air are needed to cool the equipment. The main function of the chiller is to prevent the forming equipment from overheating.

Compressor power 2,5kw
Refrigerator compartment R 22
Max chilled water flow 55l/min
Max pressure 9M
Condensed water flow 36l/min
General dimensions 900*600*1000
Water tank capacity 40,5l
Weight 180kg

Our production line consists of all these equipments. The video below shows the mold forming equipment.



Thermoplast automatic equipment $ 49 000
Automatic vacuum loading equipment $ 1 900
Drying bunker $ 2 600
Mixer $ 3 900
Grinding equipment $ 9 000
Chidder $ 7 900
Additional clip $ 9 000
TOTAL (without extra clip) $ 74 300

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