Is it possible to track my orders online?

You can track orders online. Uzbekistan was one of the first to develop a mechanism for monitoring cargo, determining their location, and estimating the time of arrival using the GPS system. You can get this information only by entering the contract number.

How long will the shipments be delivered?

Delivery time depends on the manufacturer in most cases. Most large-scale production equipment takes 2-3 times longer to deliver than normal equipment. In the case of ready-made equipment, the delivery period starts from 30 days. Excluding the time required for customs clearance of equipment in the territory of Uzbekistan, certification processes.

What are the shipping methods available?

According to the type of goods from abroad and the period when the order was received, the goods are delivered to the territory of Uzbekistan on the following basis:

  • By air
  • By rail
  • By land transport
  • By mixed transport

What is required of me to conclude a contract?

To become a client of our company, you must:

  • CERTIFICATE certifying the business entity;
  • Bank details;
  • STIR number;
  • Copy of the manager’s passport;
  • Enterprise seal to confirm the contract

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can you provide experts to install the lines posted on this site?

Yes, of course, our company has the opportunity to bring necessary specialists for you entrepreneurs from the territory of Uzbekistan or, according to the customer’s wishes, from China and other countries.

Where do we buy raw materials if production lines are purchased?

AFEX-GROUP can supply you with raw materials under long-term and short-term contracts. In this case, the price of the product will be agreed with the customer based on the terms of the contract.

Can I buy equipment from you on credit and what documents do I need?

Dear customers, we do not give credit directly. If you intend to start a business based on a loan, you can get acquainted with the loan interest rates and the required conditions from your regional banks. If a bank employee requests a contract from you, the employees of our company will give you a contract. For this, bank details, business license, STIR, a copy of the manager’s passport and a stamp are required.

From which countries do you mainly deliver equipment and raw materials?

“AFEX-GROUP” LLC company can deliver raw materials and equipment for you dear customers from any part of the world. In this case, we advise you to first check whether the customs and diplomatic relations with the country you are applying for are well established. Most requested countries: China, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Belarus.

How can you help me find a foreign buyer for my product and export it?

If it is known that there are buyers of the products you produce in foreign countries and our neighboring countries, our qualified employees will help you in concluding international contracts, in logistics services for their delivery, and in customs clearance work. We also provide registration and participation if you wish. The above services are provided through our consulting service. We remind you that our consulting service is paid.

What types of payment can be used?

The buyer chooses the type of payment at his discretion. You can transfer money from your account in soum on the basis of a contract, transfer funds received on the basis of a bank loan, pay by payment card and corporate cards.

Our customers who want to make account books in foreign currency: funds on Visa card, money transfers based on a contract through a foreign currency account number, through the account number of a company registered abroad, on the basis of a loan received in a foreign currency and according to other laws they will be able to make payment through different methods.

What are the payment terms?

Terms of payment: It is indicated in the clause of the contract, and the seller determines the payment period freely in agreement with the buyer. The buyer must obtain a new contract or extend the existing contract based on an additional agreement in order to make the payment after the payment period.