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About the company

“AFEX-GROUP” is a company that supplies all types of production equipment, special equipment and raw materials to entrepreneurs who want to start their own production and attract new investments in the regions.


Our international partners

The company has vast experience and offers entrepreneurs the best quality and guaranteed equipment manufactured by leading companies in China, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Austria, Germany and other developed countries of Europe at reasonable prices.



In order to fully support entrepreneurs, our company provides close assistance in the installation of equipment, full commissioning and provision of raw materials necessary for production. Our company fully guarantees the quality of the equipment

Akmal ibragimov Founder / CEO

Sanjar Avalbaev Import department manager

G'aniyev Ulug'bek Sales department manager

Shaxzod Shamsiddinov Marketing department

Ulug'bek Xolmurodov Navoi region, our partner

What is our advantage?

AFEX-GROUP company is now China, Russia. It has established effective relations with the countries of Turkey, Belarus and Austria and is working in cooperation.

– The company managed to establish dealership centers in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan within a short period of time. In particular, the company’s dealerships are successfully operating in the cities of Navoi, Gulistan, and Samarkand.

-One of the main goals of the company is to gain leadership in the Central Asian market of production equipment. For this purpose, the company delivers its equipment to the territory of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Our company has enough experience in this regard and plans to open official dealership offices in the territories of the above-mentioned countries in the near future.

-Our company has official offices in China (Guangdong province) and Urumqi.

Company mission:

The company has long-term strategic goals. The most important of these goals are:

  • Education of mature industry specialists by introducing 1-year practical training courses for young technologists;
  • Organization of production for young people in each regional center, establishment of Techno Parks for citizens who do not have enough funds, and arrangement of temporary rent for the equipment there.
  • Organization of air transportation of orders up to 1 ton in order for the company to quickly deliver orders to customers;
  • Organizing the production of Microfiber Artificial Leather, which currently does not exist in Central Asia, entering the Central Asian and European markets with quality products.

Our approach to customers:

AFEX-GROUP is not just a company name, it is also a brand, a sign of quality and trust. The company has successfully delivered more than 1500 (according to the statistics of 01.12.2021) equipment in the territory of our country. Also, like any business, there are downsides in our industry. In particular, in 34 cases of defects detected in the imported equipment, and irreparable defects were detected due to deformations during transportation, in 5 cases, the equipment was returned and replaced with other similar equipment.

Our company will ensure that your order is delivered to you in the terms specified in the contract in the form of the highest quality and in accordance with your technical requirements.

What can be achieved by cooperating with us?

By becoming a client of our company, you will have the opportunity to use the following services:

  • A variety of payment methods (Visa, Bank Transfer, payment from abroad, account numbers in soums, using cash, plastic and corporate cards);
  • Possibility of purchasing goods through leasing payments in the short term for a 30% advance payment and collateral through partner leasing organizations.
  • Accepting orders for equipment up to $1000 with a 30% advance payment, in cases of exceeding this amount, on the basis of 50-70% advance payment;
  • The ability to track your orders online from our site, a simplified method of receiving information on their time and status only through the contract number;
  • Ability to test your orders in a foreign country before paying the balance (for an additional fee).

The most frequently asked questions?

The payment type is chosen by the buyer. You can transfer money from your account in soum on the basis of a contract, transfer funds received on the basis of a bank loan, make payments by payment card and corporate cards.

Yes, of course, our company has the opportunity to bring necessary specialists for you entrepreneurs from the territory of Uzbekistan or, according to the buyer’s wishes, from China and other countries.

AFEX-GROUP company can undertake the supply of raw materials for you on the basis of long-term and short-term contracts. In this case, the price of the product will be agreed with the customer based on the terms of the contract.

“AFEX-GROUP” LLC can deliver raw materials and equipment for you, dear customers, from anywhere in the world. In this case, we advise you to first check whether the customs and diplomatic relations with the country you are applying for are well established. Most requested countries: China, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Belarus.

If you know that there are buyers for the products you produce in foreign countries and our neighboring countries, our qualified employees will help you in concluding international contracts, in logistics services for their delivery, and in customs clearance work. We will also provide you with registration and participation if you wish. Our above-mentioned services can be performed on the basis of consulting services.


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