Equipment for the production of metal tiles (profnastil).

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Profnastil products are an integral part of construction. Almost all local constructions have demand for profnastil products, taking this into account, the company “AFEX-GROUP” offers you profnastil production equipment below.


General information

Production area: 16 meters*6 meters, not less than 96m2

Production speed: 10-15 meters/minute

Workers: 2 people

Voltage: 380 V

Power consumption: 12 kW


The production process of metal tile (profnastil) consists of three stages:

  • A roll is placed on the main equipment
  • It goes to the main forming equipment and gets the desired profile shape
  • The hydraulic shears are inserted into the equipment and cut to the required size using this equipment

Hardware appearance:




                                          Basic equipment
Product thickness 0.2-0.7 mm
Product width 1250 mm
Solid shaft materials High quality 45 grade steel
Shaft diameter 80mm
Number of roller molds 14
Roller material Cr12mov
Speed of operation 10-15m/min
Transmission method Chained
Power 8kw motor
Raw material Metal roll sheets
Equipment size (length*width) 7.8m*1.7m
Weight 3.5 tons
Type PLC controlled hydraulic cutting
The material of the cutting blade Cr12
Hardness level 50-65 HRC
Cutting accuracy ±1mm

Equipment operation diagram:

Components of the equipment:

A. Delivery Platform

B. Basic formation

C. Hydraulic system

D. Equipment base

E. Management system

F. Hydraulic cutting

G. Schedule

H. Khomashyo


A. Delivery Platform

Features: separated same material, two wheel adjustment function.
Function: solid raw material, the possibility of adjusting the width of the raw material.
Advantages: stable production, left and right sides are balanced.

B. Roll forming equipment

C. Hydraulic control

D. Electronic control

Control equipment
Type PLC control
PLC brand Delta
Frequency converter Delta
Touch screen 10 inches



E. Protection module


F. Hydraulic cutting

Cutting thickness: 0.1mm-2mm


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