Antifreeze production line


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Production type: Fully automatic Production capacity: 8-10 tons Number of workers: 3-4/shift Total plant capacity: 30 kw/h Required raw materials: ethylene glycol / propylene glycol


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Production process:

Filtering water – mixing all raw materials – boiling the mixture – packaging the product – ready for sale

List of production equipment:

1. A set of water processing equipment 2 T/hour

2. Emulsion reactor equipment

3. Automatic four-head filling and packaging equipment

4. Automatic lid closing device

5. Automatic date printer

6. Automatic closing device

7. Bundle packaging equipment

So now we can get acquainted with the complete characteristics of the equipment.

Water purification equipment

So, the first step is to clean the water needed for antifreeze. Of course, high-quality clean water helps to produce high-quality antifreeze. For this we need water filters and distillation equipment. You can see all the equipment in the picture below. On the right are two different filters, a scale, a reverse osmosis filter and a water tank. All water treatment equipment is shown in this picture.

Quartz sand filter

This filter is designed to retain excess organic matter and solid compounds (sand-stone) in the water.

Diameter F400mm
Height 1400 mm
Capacity 2m3/hour
Operating pressure 0.6Mpa
Material SUS304



Activated carbon filter

Cleans water by removing organic substances, chlorine ions and chromium. This filter is mainly designed to retain chemicals.

Active carbon filter
Diameter F400mm
Height 1400 mm
Capacity 2m3/hour
Operating pressure 0.6Mpa
Material SUS304


4 emulsion reactors

The task of the emulsion reactor is to mix all the raw materials and water while keeping them at a certain level. The equipment requires high voltage and pressure due to its operation in a vacuum state. All parts are made of stainless steel SUS 304.

Emulsion reactor
Height 3 m
Thickness 3 mm
Electric heating capacity 3000w
Heating plates 3 pieces 6000w/piece


Automatic four-head filling equipment

The equipment is fully automated and does not involve any human factor. Containers are directed to the equipment on the basis of a special conveyor. Due to the fact that the equipment has 4 casting lines, the production speed increases. The production process can be easily controlled through the PLC screen.

Automatic four-head filling equipment
Voltage 380V50Hz
Total power 1.1KW
Weight 1.1T
General dimensions 2000*870*1900mm
Filling interval 50-5000 ml
Filling accuracy ±1.5ml/500ml
Pressure 0.6-0.6 MPa


Capping equipment

The next equipment closes the lids of the containers. It can work with 4 dishes at the same time. Can also handle large containers.

Capping equipment
Cover part 4
Speed 1500 units/hour
The height of the container 120-320mm
The vessel is diametric F50-F100mm
The cap is diametric F22-F32mm
Working power 0.75kw
Dimensions 1200*1000*2100 mm


Laser marking equipment

After the lid is closed, the conveyor automatically transports the containers to the packing equipment – laser marking. The equipment can also print inscriptions higher than 1 cm on the surface of the container.

Laser marking equipment
Speed 75m/min
Print height 12.7mm
Accuracy 600DPI
Consumables Metal, plastic, aluminum, cardboard
Voltage 220V
Power 50W



Labeling equipment

The above equipment sticks specially prepared labels (labels) on the surface of plastic and other types of containers.

Labeling equipment
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 3000W
Speed 0-210 units/minute
Material Stainless metal
General dimensions 1650*630*980mm


Bundle packing equipment

The task of the equipment is to pack boxes, that is, to close their open part.

Equipment for packing in bundles
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 180W
Rement width 48-60 mm
Dimensions 1000*960*1400mm
Speed 18m/min


Packaging dimensions: Length 150-500 mm Width 150-500 mm Height 120-500 mm


Water treatment equipment  $10,900
Emulsion reactor                        $1,325×4=$5,300
Filling equipment                       $6,300
Capping equipment                   $5,500
Laser marking equipment      $1,600
Labeling equipment                  $4,300
Packaging equipment               $5,300
Total:                                               $39,200


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