Decorative metal siding production equipment


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One of the new products that has entered the construction industry with the drastic change in cost reduction and modern design and construction speed is decorative exterior facade siding. The business of siding production is now a very profitable industry even in developed countries. Production of metal siding, it should be noted that decorating the house in this way is a budget option that is widely used for finishing buildings. As a rule, the reviews of such materials are often positive, and the low cost makes them an excellent solution even for people with a limited budget for such work.


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Initially, this coating option was used only for public and commercial buildings. But today, you can often see the use of such a solution for private houses. This is not surprising, because excellent technical characteristics, as well as a huge color palette and the ability to choose optimal panel sizes and the necessary additional parts make such a choice very relevant.

If we talk about the advantages of the material in question, then the following properties should be called:

  • Low fire hazard. The fact is that the materials used in its production do not have combustible properties, so the metal siding itself is not afraid of fire.
  • Endurance and strength. The considered solution belongs to the category of particularly durable solutions. A number of manufacturers give a 50-year warranty on their products.
  • Versatile in size. In any case, the individual production of material oriented to the required parameters for each specific customer saves time. Of course, if you do not take into account the cost of insulation during installation, as well as the cost of coating, then there will be no waste, which will also have to be paid for.
  • Easy to install and use. Installation of siding panels can be easily done with your own hands, which allows you to significantly reduce the cost of facing the building. In addition, we emphasize that the siding itself resists the effects of various natural factors and physical influences. It is easy to clean and repair if necessary.

Necessary accessories for decorative panels are also available, and the most necessary of them can be found at the place of tincaphone production, so we would not advise entrepreneurs who are just starting to use separate equipment for their production. To begin with, it is better to order the rest of the accessories after removing the siding panel itself and starting the work.

Equipment for the production of siding panels
Types of raw materials Material PPGI GI AL
Width 420mm
Thickness 0.4-0.7mm, or special order
Requirements for electricity Tension 380V 50Hz 3 phase
Main motor 5.5KW Siemens Brend
Cutting motor 4 Kw Siemens




Hardware parameters

Frame dimensions 400H po’lat 10mm
Formation lines 12-14 depending on the order
Frame 16mm
Shafts 70mm
Rollers 45# Heat treated
Zanjirlar 1.2 inches
Bearings Standard as custom order
Speed 15-30m/min
Electrical equipment Delta va Siemens
Size 6.5*1.3*1,6M
Weight 5 T


A video of the operation of the equipment


Extruded panels come in your choice of raw material color or texture. Below you will find examples of yards covered in metal siding panels:

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