Agraf (podves) production line

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Day by day, modern technologies enter every part and field of our life
is coming Our demand for them is increasing, not decreasing at all.
Examples of these are food, car service, wood and metal processing,
we can say packaging, service areas. It is developing so rapidly
one of the sectors is, of course, the construction sector.


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1 Light
2 Production does not require much effort
3 Comfortable
4 Durable
5 Multi-functional
6 Low cost
7 Takes up little space

As you can see, agraf has a lot of advantages and its in the field of construction
the place is incomparable. That’s why we offer you a business that brings you high income
we offer. We hope that through this business, our people will be cheap and of good quality
you provide with podves and therefore, as a result, your income is short
you will be able to increase in a large amount within a period of time. Below is this production
You can get detailed information about the line.
We need equipment, raw materials and space
We need the following set of equipment for the production of agraf (podves):
1 Metal roll delivery equipment
2 Metal roll leveling equipment
3 Mechanical press
You use metal as raw material. For this, a metal round roll
it is advisable to wrap it in the form of Metal roll in Tashkent at an average price
You can find 1 ton for 10 million soums. We remind you that this price is average
taken into account. Price changes in relation to the quality of raw materials and the place of purchase
This set of equipment does not require a large area from you. Sequence the equipment
When you place it, it takes up about 10m. Therefore, the room in relation to these dimensions
your preparation will be appropriate.
Due to the automation of all processes in the equipment, the processes in the equipment, raw
it is enough to hire 2 workers in order to control materials and products.
Production process
Let’s talk with you about the whole process of the agraf(podves) production line
let’s get acquainted in detail.
Metal roll delivery equipment
At this stage, we place the finished coil of metal into the delivery equipment. This
delivery of the metal roll to the servo feeder (straightening equipment) through the rotation of the equipment
will give.


Metal roll delivery equipment
Material thickness 2 mm
Latitude range 450mm-530mm
Kalava weight capacity 2000 kg
Speed 15m/min
Kalava external diametric Max 1200mm
Maximum bed width 400 mm
Main shaft 40 Cr
Equipment weight 800 kg

Due to the fact that all parts of the supplier’s equipment are made of steel, heavy metals
it serves without difficulty and continuously when lifting.
Function: to the diameter of the metal roll due to the hydraulic parts placed in the equipment
it is possible to expand and narrow the diameter of the part located on the equipment.
Corrective equipment
In the next step, after the roll metal is delivered, the servo feeder equipment
The roll straightens the metal and makes it ready for the press machine. To the equipment
as an addition, a display is installed. Settings and process through a modern display
you can change and control its progress


Corrective equipment
Maximum operating speed 400 mm
Maximum working length 9999 mm
Material thickness 0.2-3.2mm
Mold height 70-170mm
Motor AC1.3



Corrective equipment has the following characteristics:
1 Products of different thicknesses and lengths can be used
2 High speed and can work for a long time, improved speed and accuracy
3 Panel control, easy and clear
4 Pneumatic process, error free
5 Mechanization is also possible according to the customer’s request
6 The maximum speed is 20m/min
Corrective equipment structure:
1 The latest servo motor is used. This, in turn, requires a process
minimizes area and test time
2 Decoder with high sensitivity
3 Low noise, less oil required
4 It may occur during delivery due to the motor being located inside the equipment
prevents various damage.
5 YASKAWA brand motor is used in the equipment
Mechanical Press Equipment
At the last stage, the finished roll is pressed using a mechanical press
based on the entered dimensions, makes slits in the metal and cuts. Equipment pressing
works according to the mechanism.


Mechanical Press equipment
Nominal pressure 400KN
Stroke speed 45/min
Length of vertical columns 340mm
The distance between the center of the slider and the hardware 250mm
Desktop thickness 65 mm
Electric motor power 5.5kw
Weight 3600 kg



Parts Produced Configuration
1 Main motor China Standard
2 Electric part France Standard
3 Security barrier France Standard
4 Mechanical lubrication China Standard
5 Pedal China Optional
6 Photoelectric protection China Optional
7 Main motor Germany Optional
8 Oiling China Optional
9 Safety standard CE


Film from the production process

This Press equipment is made of metal construction. Heavy weight and special design
thanks to which the equipment can press up to 40 tons.
Product thickness: 0.3-1.0mm
Product length: 300mm
Production capacity: 70-80 pieces/minute
The mechanisms of the equipment are made of cast steel, and the teeth of the mechanism are the same.
The hardware disk is also made of solid steel. The processes in this equipment are gentle, easy and
serves a quick transition.
The mechanical power press is made of high grade cast iron and is sufficient for pressing work
balanced to store and release power.
The oil-lubrication system is specially developed for the equipment, and the equipment is pushed
ensures continuous operation of surface parts.


Delivery equipment 11 900$
Corrective equipment
Mechanical Press equipment

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