Asbestos slate panel production line

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When building a building, its upper part, i.e. the roof, is very important, because it acts as an umbrella that protects the building from external influences. In the markets of our country, you can see the types of roofs made of different materials. The most common among them are slates made of Asbestos cement. Did you notice that these slates have always been around and have not been discontinued. There are reasons for this, and because of these properties, Asbestos Slates are always in use and remain the most sought-after building material. And the company “AFEX Group” presents to you exactly this ASBESTOS SLATE PRODUCTION LINE. Do you know why this product is still popular? Because:


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  • Due to its durability, it can carry a large weight;
  • Metal tiles, unlike profnastil materials, heat up slowly in sunlight;
  • There is reliability for long-term use;
  • Other metal materials cabin will not rust;
  • It has very good electrical insulation properties;
  • Low noise, that is, it hardly transmits noise in heavy rain and hail;
  • It is not flammable and does not emit toxic fumes in case of fire;
  • It is several times cheaper than other materials used for the roof.
  • With the help of modern technology, it is possible to make it in different colors

With the help of the equipment we offer, you will have the opportunity to produce such quality products. Believe me, with “AFEX Group” “your hoe is sure to fly”!

For the project:

Required area: Covered area of not less than 1000m2

Building height: not less than 6m

Infrastructure: technical water, sewage system;

Power supply: 380v 50hz

Power consumption: 210 kw/h

Number of employees: 6 people

Recipe for the product: given

Several raw materials are used for the production of asbestos slate, and our buyers who purchase the equipment are taught the concentrations and quantities of raw materials.

Production includes several stages:

  • The automatic dosing equipment delivers the raw materials to the mixing machine, and the mixing equipment mixes all the raw materials uniformly into a solution.
  • The mixture is pumped into the maxus blender and sent to the Hatschek equipment. the mixture is dewatered through a special net in the dewatering equipment,

A place with a size of 1000 m2 and a height of at least 6 meters is required for the placement of the line.


1. Water tank for processing, Cement material storage tank

2. Sewage mixing device
3. Processing, mixed transportation system
4. Automatic mixing equipment

5. Blender for the mixture


8. Vacuum dewatering system

9. Adjustment bench
10. General cleaning equipment
11. Automatic cutting equipment
12. Block host system

13. Waste processing equipment

14. Power management system


1. Cutting equipment

2. Fuel system
3.Hydraulic lift platform
4. Delivery machine

5. Gas station

6. Molding equipment

The material can be painted with silicate and phosphate paints, it will be more resistant to sunlight, moisture, and other effects.

Films from the work process



LINE PRICE $275,000
Mold price: $43 a piece

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