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Production line of tin and roof accessories


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If you look at any point of our country, you will witness construction and creative works everywhere. Every day we can find news in the field of construction. One of such innovations is tin-phone and roof accessories, which are rapidly gaining popularity in our country. The main reason for the popularity of the Tinukaphone business is as follows:

  • Tunukafon product can replace aluminum composite panels
  • It is 2-3 times cheaper than aluminum composite panels
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • It is also possible to make complex designs
  • Labor costs for installation are relatively cheap
  • A fire-resistant product does not burn due to the fact that it does not contain polymers
  • Availability of raw materials at any household goods wholesaler


Out of stock

Due to the above-mentioned conveniences, this product has become very popular, and its manufacturers are also increasing day by day. Our AFEX-GROUP company supplies you with the necessary equipment for quality production of this product. Currently, due to the increased demand for this type of service, excessive advertising of your product is not necessary, because orders are fulfilled in turn at all manufacturers. In some regions, the order is even extended to 20-25 days, due to the large number of customers.

Now let’s briefly introduce the work process.


We start the work by cutting the previously painted tin roll to the required size. The width of the Chinese and Russian tin rolls that are usually imported to us is 1250 mm. is With this in mind, we recommend a guillotine that cuts tin from a 1300 mm roll to the required size. The convenience of this equipment is that it moves with the help of a pedal, since it works on electricity, it does not require you to exert too much effort.

1300 mm metal cutting equipment
Manufacturer China
City Anhui
Voltage 380v 50hz
The principle of operation Electricity
Power consumption 3kw
Cutting product thickness 0.2-1.2 mm
The size 1850mm*640mX1100mm
Weight 500 kg


The function of this guillotine is to cut products with a length of up to 4 meters and a width of less than 125 cm (because the width of the tin roll is this size). Each product is cut to size based on the order. With the semi-automatic equipment we recommend, you will be able to cut different sizes.

Special guillotine for metal cutting (4m)
Manufacturer China
City Botou
Voltage 380v 50hz
The principle of operation Hydraulic method
Power consumption 4kw
Cutting product thickness 0.2-0.8mm
The size 5000mm*1200mmX2000mm
Weight 1200 kg


There are many tin accessories that are mainly intended for use in roofing, which have to be bent at different angles. Therefore, we recommend that you get a bending machine.

Metal bending equipment (4m)
Manufacturer China
City Anhui
Voltage 380v50hz
The principle of operation Hydraulic
Power consumption 3kw
Cutting product thickness 0.3-1.0 mm
The size 4600mmX1300mmX1500mm
Weight 1400 kg
Working length 4 m
Bending angle At an angle of 45-135 degrees


This equipment is used to prevent bent or cut tin edges from cutting the hand or leaving a trace for joining together. This equipment performs 6 different functions and can also be used for oval-shaped metals.


Tin edge forming equipment
Manufacturer China
City Anhui
Voltage 380v50hz
The principle of operation Hydraulic
Power consumption 1.5 sq
Product processing thickness 0.3-0.8 mm
The size 1030*580*1030 mm
Weight 290 kg
Working length Unlimited
Functions Welding, tracing, connecting lines and others

With the help of the above equipment, you will be able to produce accessories for the roof, as well as tin products. The equipment can also be used outdoors in a covered building. If 3 people are needed to operate all the equipment, 2 workers can easily do it. It is considered appropriate to have a working space of not less than 100 m2 for the operation of the equipment.

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