Gypsum board profile production equipment (double mold)


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Gypsum plasterboard products have entered the modern construction industry at a rapid pace, and in turn, the demand for accessories necessary for the installation of this product has increased significantly. Due to the increase in demand, metal profiles began to take the place of wooden slats on the market.


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About the collection:

Production area: 100-120 m2

Power consumption: 9 kW/h

Production capacity: 8-15 meters/minute

Work force: 2 people

Raw materials: Tin, Gazvanizli roll

Raw material delivery equipment

Manufacturer China
Raw acceptance width 10-500mm
Opportunity 3 Tonna
Internal diameter 400-500mm


Forming equipment



Manufacturer China
City Botou
Tin thickness 0,3-0,8mm
Roller material 46# chrome plated metal
Speed of operation 8-15m/minute
Number of molds 2ta
Equipment size 5800*1550*1510 mm
Voltage 380 V 50Hz 3 fazali 3+3 Kv/soat
Weight: 2,5 tonn 
Control system PLC (sensor and button)
Hydraulic system There is


Hydraulic system

Manufacturer China
Hydraulic pressure 16Mpa
Hydraulic power 4 Kvt

Example of mold drawing


Ishlash jarayonidan video lavha



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