Cement production plant (150 tons per day)

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Hello, dear customers of AFEX-GROUP. We will continue to provide you with profitable and profitable production equipment and lines.

In this post, we aim to highlight one of the most profitable types of business. You will need a lot of money to start this manufacturing business. It should be noted that you can earn a lot of money here. This is a manufacturing business-a small cement plant.

At this point, it is appropriate to emphasize one piece of information. According to statistics, at the moment, about 8 million tons of cement are produced in Uzbekistan per year. According to the information of the state holding “Uzsanoatqurilishmaterialari” by 2026, the total cement production rate in the republic has been set to 20 million tons per year. This plan will be implemented by building new private cement plants in the republic. That is, the establishment of this production line is supported by the state. Now let’s clarify some information about the mini factory.


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General information

  1. Type of cement production: Dry
  2. Production brands: PC/M 400/500/600
  3. Production volume: 150 tons/day
  4. Raw materials: limestone, clay, iron ore, gypsum, quartz sand, natural gas and auxiliary materials
  5. Number of workers: 50 for one shift

A set of equipment

  1. Grinding raw materials
  2. Storage and delivery of raw materials
  3. Grinding raw materials (powder)
  4. Heating and cooling of clinker
  5. Dosing cement
  6. Grinding and packing of cement
  7. Laboratory
  8. Low voltage electrical cabinet

So, we got acquainted with the list of necessary equipment and general information. Now it’s time to consider the production process step by step.

Grinding raw materials

We know that the main raw material for cement is limestone. Of course, we start the production process with the preparation of raw materials, that is, we grind them. For this we need the following set of equipment

Name Efficiency Amount Power
Vibration equipment 60-80 tons/hour 2,2 kwt
Limestone crushing equipment 40-110 tons/hour 1   55 kwt
Clay crushing equipment 18-40 tons/hour 55kwt
Conveyor 80-100 tons  3   15 kwt


Storage and delivery of raw materials

So, we chopped the raw materials to the required size. The next task is to store them in a certain place and deliver them to the next equipment.

Delivery equipment
Name Efficiency Amount Power
Limestone delivery equipment 50 tons/hour 1 37kw
Limestone screw valve 10-30 tons/hour 1
Limestone tape dispenser 2-10 tons/hour 1 1,1kw
Clay delivery equipment 25-35 tons/hour 1 15kw
Clay screw valve 10-30 tons/hour 1
Clay tape dispenser 2-10 tons/hour 1 1,1kw
Iron powder screw valve 10-30 tons/hour 1
Iron powder tape dispenser 2-10 tons/hour 1 1,1kw
Belt conveyor 30-50 tons/hour 1 5,5kw



One information should be mentioned here. The above equipment only supplies raw materials. It is the responsibility of the buyer to create a warehouse for raw materials.

Grinding raw materials

At the very first stage, raw materials were crushed from large pieces to small pieces. In this grinding, those parts are reduced to powder.

You can see the equipment in the following photos:

Delivery equipment
Name Efficiency Amount Power
Grinding equipment 16tons/hour 1 245 kw
Filter 11160m3/h 1 30kw
Conveyor corridor 30-60tons/hour 1 3kw
Supplier equipment 50 tons/hour 1 37kw
Mixing equipment 1 18,5kw
Screw valve equipment 10-30tons/hour 1
Libra 0-30 tons/hour 1 3 kw
Spiral conveyor 20-30 tons/hour 1 7,5 kw



Heating and cooling

One of the main processes of cement production is crushing, heating and cooling of clinker. The following set of equipment is needed for this.

Heating and cooling equipment
Supplier equipment 1   3 kw
Rotary oven 7-10 tons/hour 1   62,5 kw
Coolant filter 60 100 m3/h 1  
Cooling fan 1   110kw
Gas burner 1.75×107 39,2kw
Drum cooler 12-16 tons/hour 55kw
Chain conveyor 15-25 tons/hour 7,5kw
Clinker crusher 10-15tons/hour 1   15kw



This process is mainly carried out with gypsum, clinker and additives. The above are added to the semi-finished cement.

Name Efficiency Amount Power
Clinker silage 1  
Lifting equipment 25-35tons/hour 15kw
Screw valve equipment 10-30 tons/hour 3  
Tape dispenser equipment 2-10tons/hour 3   1,1kw
Gypsum crusher 5-20 tons/hour 1   18,5kw
Conveyor 30-50tons/hour 1   5,5kw


Grinding and packing of cement

The last process. We pack cement with the help of equipment.

Grinding and packaging
Name Efficiency Amount Power
Clinker crushing equipment 16 tons/hour 1   245kw
Filter 11160m3/h 1   30kw
Lifting equipment 25-35 tons/hour 1   30 kw
Classifier 15-30 tons/hour 1   60kw
Chain conveyor for returning large pieces to grinding 15-30 tons/hour 1   7,5kw
Unloader 80-120tons/hour 1   2,2kw


With that, all the processes have come to an end. In the video below, you can view the cement production line step by step.


Grinding raw materials

$ 1 700 000

Storage and delivery of raw materials
Grinding raw materials (powder)
Heating and cooling of clinker
Dosing cement
Grinding and packing of cement
Low voltage electrical cabinet

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