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Eco-bags are eco-friendly non-woven 100% polypropylene (Spunbond) colored material, completely chemically safe and therefore environmentally friendly. Spunbond bags are completely decomposed within 1-3 years, the product is durable and reusable during the shelf life, it is a cheap and effective promotional souvenir.


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In recent years, eco-bags, a variant with the logo of many companies, have become part of the image of companies. Such products are used in clothing companies, souvenir shops, online stores, presentations, press conferences, footwear, promotions and exhibitions.

Advantages of eco bags:

  • The material is durable: they can carry loads weighing up to 15 kg.
  • The products are waterproof and breathable, they can be washed many times and the color will not lose brightness.
  • Spunbond bag can withstand temperatures from -55 ⁰C to +130 ⁰C.
  • It does not emit harmful substances and gases during decomposition.

Required raw materials:

1600 mm wide spunbond non-woven fabric in roll form.

Necessary infrastructures to start the activity:

Required area: should not be less than 30 m².

Electric power: 20 KW/380 V.

Number of employees: 2 people.

Equipment needed for this activity:

1. Dimension cutting equipment.

2. Ultrasonic welding equipment.

3. Flexographic printing equipment.


Cutting-to-size equipment – The main function of this equipment is to cut fabric rolls with a width of 1600 mm, to cut fabrics to the required sizes for product production. The equipment has 10 high-quality cutting blades for the required dimensions, and it is possible to accurately cut paper, film, non-woven fabrics with a width of 20-160 mm.

Technical indicator
Model WD600
Speed 10-25 pieces/min
The width of the handle 380-600mm
The thickness of the bag 30-120
Power 5kw, 220v
Size 2000*1700*1500 mm
Weight 600 kg





Ultrasonic welding equipment – sewing processes for the production of bags, is a modern fully automated ultrasonic welding technology. This equipment performs several functions in the production of spunbond bags combined with high efficiency and consistent quality. The equipment takes non-woven fabric as raw material in required sizes, it can produce different kinds of bags, such as: box bag, gift bag, handbag, flat bag and t-shirt bag. The equipment has a production capacity of 5000-6000 bags per hour.

In the total amount given for the equipment, the equipment for the production of bags of the following form is provided:


Equipment advantages:

1. Built-in PLC control system, touch screen.

2. Automatic counter, stop working when the set amount is reached.

3. The work will stop automatically when the photocell signs are observed and the material is exhausted.

4. High voltage static processor and automatic constant temperature control system.

5. Automatic web guiding system and magnetic vacuum cleaner for manual operation.

6. This equipment provides ultrasonic welding, such as bag assembly from all sides, bottom and side sealing.

                          Technical indicator
Model                                                                          WD – B700
Bag Type (mm) Flat bag Box bag T-shirt bag Handbag
Bag length (mm) 300-650 350-550 300-600 300-650
Speed (pcs/min) 100-700 300-600 150-420 100-700
Material thickness (GSM) 20-110 20-50 20-70 20-25
Input size (mm) 35-110 45-85 3560- 30-80
Hardware power 30-90 30-80 30-120 30-90
Air pressure                   15KV, 380V
Equipment weight (kg)                                              0.5
Overall Dimension (mm)                                              3500 KG
Size of bag making equipment (mm)                                             13000*1800*1800


Flexographic printing equipment is specially designed for printing words and trade marks on polypropylene woven and non-woven bags, paper bags. The equipment has a simple 2-color structure, easy operation and maintenance, high precision automatic counter and photoelectric function. The equipment has a production capacity of 1500-3500 pieces per hour.

Technical indicator
Power 1.5 sq
Material thickness 4-5 mm
Number of cylinders 3 kiwis
Print speed 1500-3500 pcs
Print area 1200*640mm
Max input material 1200*800 mm
Equipment size 1.6*1.7*1.4 meters
Weight 800 kg

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