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We all know that year by year the demand for hygienic products is increasing, not decreasing. The demand for soap in our country is very high. Because of this, entrepreneurs can get high income through this business. For this, AFEX-GROUP will help you to provide high-quality equipment. With the help of the production line that we offer you, you can produce 2 different types of soap: household soap (“dirty soap” in the vernacular) and perfume soap. The equipment is produced by an international factory of the People’s Republic of China, which has been working in this field for many years. Let’s get detailed information about the production line.


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General information

Production volume: 50-100 kg/hour

Number of employees: 1

Required area: 60 square meters

Total power: 4.75 kw/h

A set of equipment

Therefore, the following set of equipment is needed for the production process:

  1. Mixer
  2. Mill-grinder
  3. Vacuum plodder
  4. Press equipment
  5. Cutting equipment
  6. Packaging equipment

Production process

Due to the fact that our production process is a mini factory, it does not require a large area and power. The procedures are not complicated steps either. At the very first stage, you need a mixer.


At the very first stage, we need to mix and prepare all the raw materials. It is used for mixing various additives and soap particles for soap production.

There is a special notch at the bottom of the device. When the mixture is ready, by pressing the button, the grinder is automatically attached to the equipment.

Sigimi 100 kg/h
Power 1,5 kw
Dimensions 550*420*620 mm
Weight 70kg 


At the next stage, we grind the mixture well. Through this, in the next stages, the mixture is pressed with quality. (You can see the working processes in the videos below.)

Screw diameter 150
Power 1,5 kw
Dimensions 520*480*680 mm
Weight 270kg 

Vacuum plodder

The most basic equipment in the production process is the plodder. The ground mixture is put into this equipment and the equipment automatically produces soaps.

Capacity 50-100kg/h
Power 2,2 kw
Dimensions 1510*720*1520 m
Weight 370kg 

Cutting equipment

We will have to cut the soap from the plodder. The equipment works automatically. You can change the size of the soap by adjusting the cutting time. Soaps from this equipment can also be shaped using ready-made round molds.

Press equipment

Oval-round and other shaped soaps can be produced by changing the molds of this equipment. The most important thing is that the excess products can be reused again through the equipment. In this way, no waste is generated. The equipment can produce about 50 soaps per minute.

Packaging equipment

Our soaps come out of the equipment ready for sale on the conveyor. We can take them from the conveyor and pack them and sell them. Depending on how you want to pack, we can offer different equipment: in a bag, box or two-layer paper packaging. We offer you horizontal packaging equipment.

Horizontal coding equipment
Speed of operation 40-250ps/min
Voltage 220v 50-60hz
Power 1,7 kw
Coding height max 45mm
Coding length 90-230 mm
Coding width 40-125 mm
The size 3470*670*1450 mm
Weight 350kg

Mixer $ 1600
Grinder $4 500
Vacuum plodder $8 600
Press equipment $3 800
Cutting equipment $2 200
Coding equipment $6 200
Total $26 900

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