Artificial enriched rice production line 250-300kg/h


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Artificial rice is a new food based on extrusion technology. Taking rice flour as the main raw material, artificial rice is made in the process of extrusion and drying.Nowadays, the number of consumers of artificial rice is increasing. This nutritional rice food machine accepts rice, black rice, buckwheat and other grains (broken rice and rice bran can be reused). You can add additional nutritional components, such as vitamins, minerals, etc. Based on extruder technology, after shaping and drying, you can get artificially enriched rice that can be eaten like natural rice.


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Brief information:

Artificially enriched rice is edible rice that is made using extruder equipment. The appearance of artificially enriched rice is almost no different from ordinary rice. The benefits of artificially enriched rice are many and they include:

  1. Rich in food. During the production process, corn, millet, wheat, sorghum, soy, starch vitamins, nutrients (calcium, zinc, iron, etc.) are added to artificially enriched rice. Generally, the nutritional value of artificially enriched rice is 5-10 times that of normal rice.
  2. High income. As a raw material, you can use broken rice, which will reduce your cost. Instead of selling broken rice at a low price, you can sell artificially enriched rice at a high price.
  3. A large market converges. Of course, the price of artificial rice is higher than ordinary rice, but it can be directly cooked, or it can be steamed in a ratio of 1: 300 than ordinary rice.
  4. Artificially enriched rice has the advantages of excellent taste, easy to cook, eutrophy, strong functionality (such as sugar-free rice, medicinal rice).

Line tracking equipment.

  • Rice mill
  • Mixer
  • Screw conveyor
  • Twin screw extruder
  • Water cooler
  • Water injection equipment
  • Vibration transmission
  • Drying cabinet
  • Refrigeration equipment

1) Rice mill

(If you have rice flour, you don’t need this equipment)

Stainless steel equipment grinds small broken grains into flour.

Rice mill
Production capacity 200 kg/hour
Power consumption 7.5kw
The size 1600*950*1500 mm
Rice raw material size <20 mm
Material Sus 304 stainless steel


2) Mixer

Equipment is used to add additional vitamins and flavoring food products to rice flour.

Internal capacity 40 kg
Power 4kw
The size 1*0,8*1,6 m


3) Screw conveyor

The purpose of the screw conveyor is to deliver the mixed flour from the mixer to the extruder. The screw conveyor has wheels and is easy to move. The engine is located at the bottom and is easy to control.

Screw conveyor
conveyor diameter 141 mm
Power consumption 0,75 kw
The size 2,5*0,7*2,5 m
Material Stainless metal


4) Twin screw extruder

A twin-screw extruder is the main part of this production, and it consists of kneading the pre-prepared rice flour into a dough and then cutting it into rice.

Twin screw extruder
Production cost 220-290 kg | hour
Power consumption 68kw
The size 4.6*1.0*2.2 m
Screw and material 40CRNimoA
Knife material W6MoCr4V2


This artificially enriched rice processing line can produce many kinds of artificially enriched rice by changing the mold.

5) Water cooler

This equipment works together with the extruder, is used to cool the extruder and precisely control the temperature.

Refrigeration equipment
Power consumption 0,55kw
Engine 2,2kw
The size 5,0*0,6*1,2m
Air volume 2664-5668| h


6) Water injection equipment

The water injection equipment works together with the extruder. The device connects to the barrel and automatically adds water.

Water injection equipment
Production capacity 100-300 kg|h
Voltage 380V
Power consumption 2,75kw
Weight 100 kg
The size 1,2*1,0*1,8 mm

7) Vibrating transmission

Vibrating transmission ensures smooth transfer of rice to the air conveyor.

Vibration transmission
Power 0,75kw
The size 1,5*0,7*1,2 m


9) Air conveyor

An air conveyor helps convey the rice from the vibrating conveyor to the dryer.

Air conveyor
Power 3kw
The size 2,0*1,3*2,8m 


10) Refrigeration equipment

The equipment gradually cools almost ready artificially enriched rice products through high air pressure.

Refrigeration equipment
Power consumption 0,55kw
Engine 2,2kw
The size 5,0*0,6*1,2 m
Air volume 2664-5668m|h



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