Iron fences (sets) production line


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Hello, dear followers and customers of AFEX-GROUP. As we all know, the production sector in our country is developing more and more, and the production mechanisms are also improving. This post is about a set of equipment for the production line of iron fences (sets), which are widely used in agriculture and household, as well as in the construction industry.


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General information

  1. Wire thickness: 3mm-6mm
  2. Distance between wires: 50-200mm
  3. Performance: 30-40m/min
  4. The maximum length of the fence: 30m
  5. Maximum width of the grid: 2m
  6. Number of electrodes: 41
  7. Welding speed: 0-80pcs/min
  8. Voltage: 380V 50Hz
  9. Power: 125KVA
  10. Welding time: 10ms-1ooms
  11. Control panel: PLC touch screen
  12. General dimensions of the line: 5100*2800*1700mm
  13. Cooling method: by water (5.12m3/hour, at 25-30C temperature)

We found out what kind of wire mesh we can produce with our production line. Now let’s get acquainted with what equipment is included in our production line.

A set of equipment

  1. Automatic welding equipment
  2. Wire delivery equipment
  3. Wire cutting equipment
  4. Wire straightening equipment
  5. Wrapping equipment
  6. Finished product cutting equipment
  7. Water cooling system

This includes all the necessary equipment. Now we can move on to production processes.

The first stage – we will prepare the wires

Before starting the production, first of all, we need to bring the raw materials to the condition we need. Wires are in coils. For production, you need the right wire. For this, we need 4 different types of equipment: 2 different types of equipment for straightening horizontal wires, and 2 different types of equipment for straightening vertical wires.

Cutting equipment for horizontal wires

Wires are initially in coils. The function of these two devices is to straighten and cut the wires in the coil state to the required length. Please note: The maximum width of our iron fences is 2m. Our first equipment cuts the coiled wires to the required length. The second equipment consists of the delivery of coiled wires to the equipment.

Cutting equipment
Wire diameter 3mm-6mm
Maximum cutting length 3m
Main motor 2,2KW
Additional motor 0l,75KW
Production volume 30-40m/min




Corrective equipment for vertical wires

It’s time for the next equipment. At this stage, the wires are not cut. The wires are separated from the finished roll and straightened before the welding equipment. 2 types of equipment are also involved in this process: wire supplying equipment and correcting equipment. The equipment consists of a total of 41 electrodes.

The second stage – Wires are welded

We have reached the most important stage of our production process. At this stage, we will connect and weld the wires we have prepared vertically and horizontally. Our equipment has a welding capacity of 80 times per minute and consists of 41 electrodes. The principle of operation of the equipment is as follows:

We place the wires we cut in the first step on the upper part of the equipment. And to the second part, we connect permanent wires with equipment. Welding equipment welds these wires horizontally and vertically. You can see the progress of the work through the video below.

The third stage – Wires are coiled

After the welding stage is completed, the steel bars are cut to the specified length using special cutting equipment. The length of the iron fence can be maximum 30 meters. The welds coming out of the welding equipment are automatically sent to the wrapping equipment. After our iron fences are wrapped, they are ready for sale!!!


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