Equipment for the production of paper towels


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Required area for production: 60 m2. (6m x 10m 3m)

Necessary energy source: Electricity

Power: 380 V 50 Hz

Number of employees: 2 people


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There are several other advantages of paper towels.

Convenience and ease of use. You can use them in any situation, even if you spill juice or water, a paper towel will clean it all easily. You do not need to use expensive detergents such as cloth.

Efficiency. Modern production technologies make it possible to produce paper towels with excellent absorbent properties and at the same time they do not split into fibers.

Environmental and safety. These products do not require special use and do not harm the environment. Paper towels are made from completely natural raw materials, they are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin. Since it is a single-use product, the risk of microorganisms entering the skin is minimal.

Good view. Paper towels can be produced in different colors. They are odorless and environmentally friendly.

In short, paper towels are the easiest and fastest way to keep your hands clean in any situation. They are the most reliable assistants in everyday life and work. They easily clean the table, clean mirrors, glass and almost all kitchen utensils.


Advantages of the equipment:

1. There is an automatic counting system for finished products.

2. It cuts with a spiral knife and has vacuum folding properties

3. Depending on the raw material, the speed of the production process can be adjusted

4. Easy and fast to use. It has two metal and rubber pattern pressing shafts

5. Uses raw materials of different widths, thus creating convenience for the customer.

6. Using the latest type of PLC control technology, it has the function of speed change and the LCD control panel provides you with high quality

4. Automatic error detection system prevents you from producing invalid products.

5. Patterned shafts: Specially made according to the customer’s request

6. You can achieve high efficiency due to the synchronous operation of all equipment in the line.

Equipment for the production of paper towels
Produced China
City Henan
Voltage 380V50Hz
Electricity consumption 10kw/h
Control Panel PLC control
Automatic counting system There is
Production volume 60-80m/min
Finished product size 230*230 mm
Folded product size 230*76*77*77mm
Equipment dimensions 4000*1700*2000m
Weight 2000 kg




Video footage of the process


Control panel of the equipment

You can pre-order a shaft of your choice.

Cutting blades of the equipment


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