Toilet paper and paper towel production line AF-L016

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Day by day, sales of sanitary hygiene products are flourishing. At present, many of our customers are contacting us for toilet paper production line from maclatura. Of course, we also have this line and we can deliver it to you, but the line we are recommending to you is designed for the production of products from cellulose rolls, not from paper. We would like to remind you that AFEX-GROUP LLC relies on the experience of developed countries before recommending any equipment to you. Currently, manufacturers of toilet paper, which is needed for our domestic market, have reached the level of importing raw materials from foreign countries. Russia is mainly a supplier of paper, but a smart businessman should ask himself why the Russian state does not process them. The answer is clear, Russian citizens prefer 100% cellulose toilet paper. Currently, our buyers of products made from secondary raw materials are mostly representatives of the population located in the outskirts of the regional center. However, the demand for cellulose napkins, toilet paper and paper towels among buyers in our domestic market is increasing year by year. In the next 3-4 years, 90% of our population will start using these products. It is a simple economic law that buyers move towards quality as the income of the population increases. Let us introduce you to a highly profitable industry.


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We always give you a choice. With the help of the table below, you will be able to draw a conclusion through the comparative table of toilet paper made from secondary raw materials and cellulose.

Advantages and disadvantages of toilet paper made from cellulose and secondary raw materials
Characteristics Cellulose From secondary raw materials
It is problematic for the sewage system and completely soluble in water It dissolves completely in water It dissolves partially and slowly
Softness and risk of body injury Soft, safe Rough and less flexible
Different colors can be used It is possible Not allowed
Possibility to add aromatizers It is possible Not allowed
Compliance with hygienic requirements Gives a full answer Partially answers
The risk of causing allergic diseases It does not cause allergies if no flavoring agent is added It causes allergies if a large amount of chlorine is used during processing
Installation of inner bushing It is possible Partially possible
Ecology and impact on the environment Trees are cut Saves trees
Use of embossed patterns on the surface It is possible It is possible only when it is produced from high-quality office paper
The possibility of leaving a break line It is possible It can be inserted, but there is a high risk of breaking during the paper wrapping process




First of all, before starting work, you need to plan how many layers of toilet paper to produce. Currently, we see that manufacturers in our country are making 1, 2, and in some cases 3-story. The most common is certainly 2-story. You can make 1, 2, 3 layers in our equipment. On request, we can provide you with a special embossing shaft for an additional charge.

Small wrapping equipment
Equipment model XTGK-1850
Paper width(mm) 04.дек
Production capacity (in 8 hours) 1.2t
The final product is diametric F50-1800mm (width and diameter vary)
Inner bush diametric F30-55mm
The raw material is diametric Standard 1100mm (other sizes available)
Raw material inner sleeve 76mm
Winding speed 150-280m/min
Setting procedure Through PLC computer control
Number of floors 3 floors
Determining the cutoff line 2 blades, 150-300mm
Pneumatic System 3-valve compressor
Power consumption 5.5kw-15kw varies depending on the speed
Size 6200*2600*800mm
Weight 5 tons



Patterns can be changed according to your requirements, and it is also possible to install a company name or logo.


This saw serves to cut the small rolls created by the above equipment into a special small size. If you want to make toilet paper, you need to cut it 10-12 cm long, and if you want to make paper towels, you need to cut it longer. This equipment can be used for toilet paper with or without an inner liner.

Small package cutting equipment
Cutting length(mm) Changeable
Working capacity (tons/day) 01.май
Cutting length(mm) 3750
Diameter(mm) 1300*70*1800
Weight (kg) 560
With and without bushing Vt is intended for both
Power consumption(kw) 1.1



With this equipment, we can package one or two toilet rolls that are not yet made and that people will need. After all, demand should be taken into account when doing every job. A grain-packed product can come in handy when traveling to the mountains or other places. Also, with this equipment, you will have the opportunity to use it for packaging other products (napkins, envelopes, etc.).


And the last stage, as always, is the block packaging equipment for convenient delivery of the product to the customer. Depending on the requirements of the buyer in the area where you live and plan to sell your product, you can pack up to 2, 4, 6, 8. When you order a packing bag, don’t forget to leave holes in it that are easy to grip by hand. This provides additional convenience for the buyer who receives your product. The packaging package is ready-made and closed on three sides. Then, after putting the product in it by hand, the upper part is closed well using the following equipment.

How much income toilet paper production will bring you, equipment costs are given below. We have tried to write the account books as accurately as possible. If you do not allow your goods to remain in your warehouse through good marketing, you will have the daily income shown in the table below.


The above table was issued without calculating taxes at the expense of an entrepreneur whose place of production is his own

Name of products and services (1 package for 60g product) Account and price
Raw material (cellulose) 14 000 000 soums
Inner sleeve 170 cm long (170 gr) 1000 soums
Package for packaging (6 pieces) 420 soums
Consumed electricity (12 hours per 1 ton) 13.5kw*12=162kw (59,940 soums)
Work force 4 people (for 1 ton of product) 220,000 soums (1.5 million soums monthly)
Raw material (cellulose) for one package 50 gr*14 soums=700 soums
Bushing for one roll 170 cm/10 cm=17 pcs. 1000/17=59 soums
Prices of products for the production of 1 bag (6 pieces). 20000/6=3330 pochka

6*700 soum4200+59*6=354 soum+420 soum=4974 soum

Cost of labor and electricity token for 1 piece of product 277 bags of products are produced in 1 hour

Electricity: 13.5*370=4995 soums

Workers: 18330 soums, the price of 4 workers for 1 hour

4995/277=18 soums of electricity for one bag

18330/277=66 soums for workers’ wages for 1 bag

So 4974+84=5058 soums is the cost of 1 bag of products

The wholesale market price is 6250 soums 1250 soums*3330 units=4,162,500 soums, your profit for 1 day!


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