A4 format paper production line


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Taking into account the development of modern office equipment and the increase in the volume of printing various documents, this direction is growing year by year. it is observed that the demand for small ones will be high until the next century.

A4 paper for offices is widely used for documents, drawings, letters, magazines, forms, printers and copiers.


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Usually, office paper is divided into many classes, let’s get acquainted with the parameters of A4 format paper, which is popular, that is, in high demand: weight – the most common (standard) 80 g/m2, A4 sheet format 210×297 mm , the number of sheets in a set – 500 sheets, paper whiteness ISO 96-105%, CIE 146, these parameters are a set of exact technical data for A4 format papers.

Now let’s have general information about our production line.

General information

Production speed: 240 packs/hour

The number of papers in a pack: 300-500

Required area size: 60 square meters

Voltage: 380V

Power: 25 kw/h

Number of workers: 2-3


Production process

So, to start the production, first of all, we have to cut the finished paper rolls into the required sizes. To use this equipment, you need a roll of paper with a maximum width of 850 mm. Paper density also varies. You can see the general technical indicators of the equipment in the following table:

Technical indicators
Number of cutting blades 4
Roll width 850mm
The roll is diametric 40-1200mm
Type of paper delivery Pneumatic
Paper density (thickness) 60-100gsm
The amount of papers in the pack 300-500
Speed 250m/min
Cutting accuracy 0.2mm
Tension 380V50Hz
Total power 13kw
General dimensions 6.7*2.75*2.1 m
Weight 6T




Spare parts
Disc pneumatic knife Italy
Horizontal blade Germany
Motor Taiwan
Cylinder Taiwan
Electric module Germany (Siemens)
Synchronous belts Japan (Omron)
Pneumatic brake system



We will now pack our ready A4 white papers. For this, we need the above set of equipment. Due to the high-speed operation of the equipment, a servo motor is used in it (8-10 pieces/min). Also, the use of PLC touch screens in all sets of equipment ensures the modernity and convenience of the equipment. Let’s get acquainted with the technical indicators:

Technical indicators
Speed 8-10 packs/min
Packaging dimensions 210*297
Package height 30-60mm
Wrapping paper is diametric 400-700mm
Tension K380V3P
Motor power 6.5kw
Bonding power 3.7 sq
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
General dimensions 4.53*3.05*1.45 m
Weight 2T


Spare parts
Photocell Japan (Omron)
Contactor France (Schneider)
PLC module Germany (Siemens)
Air cylinder Taiwan
Automatic gluing part China
Motors China
Magnetic brake China




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