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Having studied the domestic market of our country for the clients of “AFEX GROUP”, we will continue to manufacture imported products in our country, and offer our entrepreneurs “NEW PROJECT” and modern technologies!

Let’s get acquainted with detailed information about the production stages and technologies of PENAPOLISTROL products.


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EPS in English (Enlarged Poly Styrol) means expanded polystyrene. Styrofoam (styrofoam) is a gas-filled material obtained from polystyrene and its derivatives, as well as styrene copolymers. Expanded polystyrene is one of the most common types of polystyrene. The usual technology for the production of expanded polystyrene is to fill the styrene granules dissolved in the pollen mass with gas, and then the mass is heated with steam. In this process, the size of the original grains increases until they take the shape of a whole block and are sintered together. Natural gas, which is highly soluble in styrene, is used in conventional expanded polystyrene.

With the help of the technologies we offer, it is possible to produce all types of polystyrene products. However, AFEX GROUP recommends starting your own business with the production of new products for customers.

“NEW PRODUCT” – There is a high demand for the product that can be produced in this project, and the most important thing is that it has been started to be produced in our country. The fact that you have no competition increases the possibility of producing this product and promoting your brand.

ESP-Panels is a panel with modern, easy and convenient options for the maintenance of floor heating hoses. ESP-Panels protect your home from heat in summer, cold in winter, water, moisture. It has a low level of combustion and a long service life of 50 years. z does not lose its specificity.

Stages of product production

First, let’s explain the stages of production of products in general. Then we will explain them one by one with the help of pictures of the equipment.

All technological processes start from a steam generator. Hot steam is needed for the production of EPS. A gas steam boiler works regularly to ensure the continuity of the steaming process. As a raw material, polystyrene granules are placed in a special container. After that, the product is sent to the boiler through a dispenser. There, the polystyrene granules are enlarged up to 30-50 times using hot water, steam and hot air of 90-120C°. The higher the air temperature, the granules becomes larger and the density is lower. Balls enlarged from granules are placed in special bunkers through an auger. Balls dry there for 24 hours. In special hoppers, hot steam is supplied to mold the amorphous weight in the dry ball forming equipment. In the forming equipment, the balls are densified and deformed. Then the EPS panels are formed. The finished EPS panels are laminated using the lamination equipment.

Production mechanism

Required field

The area required for this line should not be less than 600m/sq. The ceiling height is higher than 6 meters. If there is a possibility for light trucks to enter or take out raw materials and finished products, it will increase the work efficiency.

Necessary supply

The elements of the infrastructure of the industrial facility must be provided with natural gas, electricity, and water supply.

• Natural gas consumption – 70m³/hour

• Line power – 100 KW/380V, 50HZ.

•Required transformer-above 160KW/380V, 50HZ.

• For 1 ton of product – 300 KW energy consumption.

• The number of workers requires 5-8 people.

Line equipment and devices

• Steam boiler.

•Steam generator.

• EPS particle enrichment equipment.

• EPS containers.

•Air compressor.

•Air tank tank.

• Automatic forming equipment.

• Molding of ESP heating system panels.

• Cooling water tower.

• Centrifuge water pump.

•Laminating equipment.

• Piping system.

We learned about the necessary information about the product and the production mechanism in detail. Now let’s get acquainted with the equipment of the line.

Steam boiler


The heating area of the steam boiler is 30m² and it evaporates 3.5m³ of water using natural gas. To ensure the continuity of the steaming process, the gas steam boiler works regularly. The steam generated is sent to the steam accumulator through the pipes.

Steam boiler (steam production)
Model WNS 1.0-1.0-Y
Steam release 1000 kg per hour
Vapor pressure 1.0Mp
Efficiency >92%
Fuel consumption 30 kg/h/50m3/h
Control voltage 220V/50Hz/1P
Operating voltage 380V/50Hz/3P
Type of fuel Natural gas
Weight 6.8t



Steam generator


The main function of the steam generator is to keep the temperature of the generated steam at a constant temperature. To save energy, the outside is covered with insulated materials. This is important for keeping the heat. sent to enrichment equipment.

Steam generator
Power 6m3
Work pressure Max 8 bar
Size 3750*1500mm
Weight 1 t

EPS particle enrichment equipment


EPS particle enrichment equipment-This equipment is considered the heart of this line. Polystyrene granules are placed in a special container as raw material in the equipment. After that, the product is sent to the boiler through a desaturator. It is magnified up to -50 times. The higher the air temperature, the larger the granules are, and the density is lower.

EPS particle enrichment equipment
Model PSJ-1100
Expansion tank F1100x1500(h)
Density range 12-60kg/m3
Efficiency 150-300kg/h
Vapor pressure 0.4-0.8Mp
Air pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Steam ingress 50mm
Air inlet 50mm
Steam is desired 3-8kg/period
Air consumption 0.5, 0.9m3/period
Weight 2500 kg
Overall size 2800*2200*4600 mm

EPS special containers


Enlarged balls are placed in special bunkers through an auger. There the balls dry for 24 hours. The dried balls are sent through pipes to the automatic forming equipment.

EPS special containers
Number of special dishes 4pc
Capacity 19m3
Total capacity 76m3
Size 2,2*2,2*4m
Weight 800kg

Air compressor


The air compressor is an auxiliary device for this equipment, EPS particle enrichment equipment and automatic forming equipment.

Air compressor (compressed air production)
Flow 2.4m3/min, working pressure 8 bar
Power 15kw


Air tank (tank)


An air tank is a tank, a device that holds compressed air, an auxiliary device for EPS particle enrichment equipment and automatic forming equipment.

Compressed air tank with accessories
Power 3 m3
Work pressure Max 10 bar


Automatic forming equipment


In the automatic forming equipment, hot steam is supplied to form the product. As a result of forming, the spheres become denser and come to the state of the whole product. The size of the product is 150×75 cm. The processing time of the equipment is 100-120 seconds. The size of the product to be produced is 155×1370 cm, the thickness is 35 cm. You can produce other types of products by changing the mold part of the equipment.

Automatic vacuum forming equipment
Model PSZ-1720
Size 1720*1600mm
Product size 1550x1370x350 (height) mm
Maximum opening 1400 mm
Minimum opening 200mm
Steam ingress 80mm
Water inlet 80mm
Air inlet 80mm
Vapor pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Water pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa
Air pressure >0.5Mpa
Fluid drive pressure 5.5kw
Pump capacity 5.5kw
Power of the inspiratory pump 165m3/s
Weight 5700 kg
Total size 5000x2300x3300mm



Panel molding

Mold for ESP heating system panels – floor heating hoses for the production of panels with modern, easy and convenient options for maintenance work.

Cooling water tower


The cooling system is mainly used to help cool the water during the production process. Large pools of water are needed to cool the water. Water tank, 4x4x2.5 m. If the land is limited for large water tanks and the local temperature is high, then a cooling water tower is added to cool the water faster.

Cooling water tower
Power 30t/hour
Inlet water temperature 60 centigrade
Water flow 50m3/hour, t=5C
Diameter 2215*2830 mm
The wind 28000m3/hour
Diametric fan 1400 mm
Engine power 1.5 KW
Feed water pressure (104Pa):2.65

Centrifuge water pump


A centrifugal pump cooling system is used as an auxiliary device for a water tower or water basin.

Laminating equipment


In order to improve product quality, this equipment is easy and convenient to use. Laminated ESP products have a fineness level. They prevent water and moisture transfer. Laminated ESP products show quality with design.

Laminating equipment
Size 7200mmx2200mmx2600mm
Total weight 4.8 tons
Size 3750*1500mm
Weight 1 t
Format(Length) 1500 mm
Format(width) 900 mm
Format(height) 100mm
Film heating 3-7pc/min
Production level 8×11=88pcs
Electric power 60kw
Raw materials Design and feature of PVC,PP,PS,PET,PE,HIPS B.function

Piping system

The piping system for the production line includes EPS particle enrichment equipment, Automatic forming equipment, including steam (inlet and discharge), air compressor (inlet and discharge) and cooling water connecting pipes. A pressure reducing valve is maintained for steady steam control. It is installed between the boiler and the battery.

Video footage of the line’s operation

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