Metal pipe and profile production line


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Shaped pipes and profiles are considered one of the widely used products today in many fields – automotive industry, construction, metallurgy, gas pipelines, greenhouses, tables and chairs, doors, light constructions and other fields. The business of production of shaped pipes has become a very promising business direction today. Of course, the buyers of products are not only large enterprises, iron markets and individuals, but also successful buyers. Of course, not every region has factories or workshops that produce such products, so why not still take advantage of the space and start your own manufacturing enterprise?


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To start this business, you can buy equipment from “AFEX GROUP”. AFEX GROUP will closely assist customers in the supply of equipment with warranty, installation and quality production of your products with the help of qualified technologists.

With the help of the technologies that we offer you, you can produce the following types of products.

Necessary raw materials;

Rolls of metal tape with a width of 60-240 mm and a thickness of 0.5-3 mm.

Required area;

All the equipment of the production line can be placed in an area of 320 (40×8 meters) square meters. In addition, there should be storage of raw materials and entrance and exit corridors for trucks. The ceiling height of the building should be at least 6 meters. a lifting device (TAL) is required at the top of the building.

Necessary supply;

Elements of the infrastructure of the industrial facility must be provided with electricity and water supply.

• Line power – 400 KW/380V, 50/60HZ.

•Required transformer-above 500KW/380V, 50/60HZ.

Production stages;

Metal pipe production line. Roll tapes of predetermined sizes are loaded into the machine. Metal roll tapes are shaped into a circle and welded with special high-frequency electronic resistance. Then they are polished and cooled with water. The finished pipes are taken out as finished products. or it is automatically sent to the next equipment to make a square shape. The process continues automatically without interruption. Then it is cut into the sizes on the cutting equipment at the specified locations. The finished products are delivered to the designated place using a special conveyor. All equipment in the line is controlled using a control panel.

The total amount given for this line is only given for the production of one size product. Buying a separate line for other sizes will increase the productivity. get acquainted with the prices of forming rollers!

Line equipment and devices.

•Metal tape stripping equipment

•Metal tape cutting equipment

•Vertical storage device

•Forming equipment

• Welding

• Polishing device.

• Cooling

• Formation

•Cut-to-size equipment

• Special conveyor


Metal tape stripping equipment

Metal strip stripping equipment is used to supply raw materials for the production line. The equipment is console-type, can expand and contract pneumatically. A pneumatic brake keeps the roll taut.

Metal tape stripping equipment
Transferability Double sided
Metal tape width Max 240 mm
Raw outer diametric F160 mm
Raw internal diametric F 350-F50 mm
The center is diametric 1000 mm
Ability to load Max 2 tons


Metal tape cutting equipment

In order for the production line to run continuously, the equipment is used to prepare the first metal strip roll and the next roll head for shearing and welding.

Metal tape cutting equipment
Mode of operation Mechanical cutting
Thickness of metal tape Max 3.0mm
Cutting width <240mm



Vertical storage device

It has the function of storing and transferring metal strips for continuous supply to the forming machine. This device ensures that the raw material is free and easy to draw for the forming equipment.

Vertical storage device
Thickness of metal tape Max 3.0mm
Metal tape width Max 200mm
Tape storage Max 200-300mm
Transmission speed Maximum 160m/min
Engine power 5.5 KW

Forming equipment

The forming equipment first forms the tapes and then gives them a circular shape with the help of rollers.

Welding part: To ensure that the direction of the weld is uniform.Extrusion-precise sizing. Welding – welding with special high-frequency electronic resistance. Cleaning of welds, i.e. polishing. It includes steps of cooling the product with water.

Forming equipment

Forming equipment – with the help of equipment, the prepared circular pipes are formed into a square or rectangular shape.

Forming equipment
Components of forming equipment Forming part: Material transfer-Leveling-Conveying-1 horizontal roller-1 vertical roller-2H-2V-3H-3V-4H-4V-5V-5H-6V-6H-7V
Measuring part: 1V-1H-2V-2H-3V-3H-4V-4H-5V-5H-6V-6H-speed measurement-double correction
Equipment movement The 160kw motors deliver power to the gearbox through a reduction gear
Horizontal formation Horizontal roller diametric F60mm
Vertical formation Vertical roller diametric F 40mm

Equipment for cutting to size

Cutting-to-size equipment – this equipment automatically cuts products to specified sizes.

                                     Cutting equipment
Mode of operation Computerized control system that controls the cutting method
Cutting diameter Max F 76mm
Cutting thickness Max 3.0mm
Measurement accuracy + 3 mm
Cutting disc size F50*F500*3.5 mm
Cutting motor power 15kW AC
Main engine power 15kWAc


Special conveyor

After the cut-to-size equipment, the products are delivered to the designated location with the help of this special conveyor.

Video footage of the line’s operation

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