Abrasive disc production line for metal cutting


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Having studied the domestic market of our country for the clients of “AFEX GROUP”, we will continue to manufacture imported products in our country and offer modern technologies to our entrepreneurs!


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Day by day development is humanity’s continuing to create conveniences for itself. Since the 80s of the last century, when cutting iron or hard objects was a problem, abrasive discs became the solution to this problem. Abrasive cutting discs are mainly produced according to the following body types.

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Marble-Granite

We will try to explain in detail the necessary raw materials and technologies for the production of metal cutting abrasive discs, which are mainly useful for the customers of AFEX GROUP. Metal cutting abrasive discs are mainly imported from Russia and China. You can reduce the amount of imports by producing this product.

The fact that the production process of this product is not complicated, it is suitable for both new businessmen and experienced entrepreneurs.


The photo above shows a disc marked according to state standards for cutting metal. The areas of the disk are marked with numbers, these numbers mean:

  1. Constructive type (ISO 41, flat).
  2. Geometric characteristics – diameter, thickness, hole.
  3. Physical characteristics: abrasive type (A – electrocordum); grain size; degree of hardness (Latin T – very hard); type of connection (BF – reinforced bakelite).
  4. Maximum rotation speed.
  5. Maximum peripheral speed allowed.
  6. For which material it is intended.
  7. Security icons.
  8. Reference to regulatory documents.
  9. Manufacturer’s logo.

The production of the flat type of cutting discs on this line is calculated in the total amount. If you want to produce the depressed type as well, you are required to purchase these product molds.


It uses cutting discs of the necessary sizes for various Bulgarians. We have also selected technologies that produce metal cutting discs that are widely used.

  1. Outer diameter: 100,115,125,150,180,230 mm;
  2. Diameter of the central ring: 22.32 mm;
  3. Thickness: 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5, 3.2 mm


  1. Abrasive particles.
  2. Resin powder.
  3. Cryolite.
  4. Gypsum powder.
  5. Black carbon.
  6. Fiberglass mesh.
  7. Special black paper (for the bottom part).
  8. Colored aluminum oxide (on the surface).
  9. Metal folk.


In our country, you can find abrasive discs that are mainly imported. The purchase of the product depends on the level of quality. The simplicity of product production increases the possibility of substituting imported products. The fact that the product becomes useless during the cutting process ensures the sustainability of sales.


The area required for this line should not be less than 150m/sq. If there is an opportunity for light trucks to enter or take out raw materials and finished products, it will increase the productivity.


Elements of the infrastructure of the industrial facility must be provided with electricity, water supply.

• Line power – 125 KW/380V, 50HZ.

•Required transformer-above 160KW/380V, 50HZ.

• For 1 ton of product – 300 KW energy consumption.

• The number of workers requires 8-10 people.



•Equipment for cutting glass fiber nets.

•Metal folk making equipment.

•Vibrating sieve.

•Two bowl hydraulic mixer.

•Abrasive disc preparation equipment (100,115,125 mm).

•Abrasive disc preparation equipment (150,180,230 mm).

•Special electric oven.

•Balance checking equipment.

• Testing equipment.

•Air compressor.

We learned about the necessary information about the product and the production mechanism in detail. Now let’s get acquainted with the equipment of the line.


Fiberglass mesh cutting equipment – with this equipment, you can cut it to the desired size mainly by hand. These meshes serve to strengthen the shape of the abrasive disc. Products cut to size are sent to automatic abrasive disc making equipment.

Cutting equipment (PRESS)
Cutting strength 20T 
Desktop size 500*1000 mm
Kroonstein size 350*550mm
Power 1,5kw
Voltage 380v, 3faza
Adjustment range 5-75mm
Hydraulic oil volume 50L
Equipment size 960*950*1600mm
Weight 700kg


Metal ring forming equipment The product made in this equipment acts as a ring that reinforces the center of the abrasive disc. In this equipment, the finished products are also sent to the automatic abrasive disc preparation equipment.

Metal mold making equipment (press)
Nominal pressure 400KN
Stroke speed 45ps/min
Length of vertical columns 340mm
The distance between the center of the liner and the equipment 250mm
Desktop thickness 65mm
Electric motor power 5,5kw%
Weight 3600kg


Using a vibrating screen, we clean the abrasive grains from large or other objects. We send the cleaned abrasive grains to a two-bowl hydraulic mixer.

Vibrating sieve
Model VS -100A
Amplitude 25-30mm
Vibration frequency 4-5sek
Chewing efficiency 15-20kg/min
Sieve part 1
Sieve size 1080*700mm
Size 1650*650*630mm
Power source 380V 50Hz 3faza
Power 0,55kw
Weight 200 kg


We add the necessary components to the abrasive grains in two-bowl hydraulic mixers and mix them well. The prepared raw materials are sent to the automatic abrasive disc preparation equipment.

Two bowl hand mixer
Model MIX-2-100A
Useful size 120L
Maximum load weight (abrasive) 100kg
Fork lifting and lowering speed 42-48 rpm
The speed of rotation of the cabin up and down 10-40min
Container size D900mm*T 400mm, thickness 22mm
Installed power 15 kw
Power hungry 4,5-6kw
Power source 380v 50hz 3faz
Each container size 2200*1200*1580
Weight 4200 kg


Abrasive disc preparation equipment produces 100, 115, 125 mm abrasive discs in these small sizes. The equipment automatically fills abrasive grains, glass fiber chips, colored aluminum oxide on the surface.

Cutting lisk preparation equipment
Model PRS-P46T125A45
Production diameter 100,115,125mm
Thickness 1-7mm
Nominal pressure 1250kn
Structure 46 workstations
Management mode Plc touch screen display
Work rhythm Grinding time is 6-9 seconds
Air cylinder SMC
Power  25kw
Power source 380v 50hz 3faz
Weight 5500 kg


Abrasive disc making equipment produces 150, 180, 230 mm abrasive discs in these large sizes. The difference between this equipment and the small abrasive disc making equipment is only in the width of the dies. This equipment also automatically fills the surface with abrasive grains, glass fiber chips, and colored aluminum oxide.

Cutting disc preparation equipment
Model PRS-P42T250A679
Production diameter 150,180,230mm
Thickness 1-7mm
Nominal pressure 2500kn
Structure 42 workstations
Management mode Plc touch screen display
Work rhythm Grinding time is 8-12 seconds
Air cylinder SMC
Power  30kw
Power source 380v 50hz 3faz
Weight 8400 kg


Using a special electric oven, the products made in the abrasive disc preparation equipment are heated at 200C.

Electric oven
Model OVN-304
Internal capacity 3CBM
High temperature 250C
Operating temperature 180C
Installed power 31,8KW
Consumption power 10-12KW
Power source 380V 50GZ 3FAZ
Weight 150KG


The product is taken from a special electric oven and checked using the balance checking equipment. We send the tested products to the equipment that checks the maximum rotation speed.

Balance checking equipment
Model SBT-410S
Test size 100-250mm
The shape of the cutting disc T41
Accuracy 0,3 g
Electricity supply 380v 50hz 3faz


With the help of testing equipment, you can check the maximum rotation speed of ready-made abrasive discs.

Testing equipment
Model STM-1636F40
Maximum working speed 36000rpm 
Work size 100-400 mm
Hole size 16/22/ 25,4mm
Accessories Automatic electromagnetic card, printer
Power 5,5kw
Electricity supply 380v 50hz 3faz
Weight 400 kg 


The air compressor system is an auxiliary device for the abrasive disc preparation equipment.

Air compressor
Model AC-BK18-10
Maybe the weather 1CBM
Size 3CBM/min
Power 18kw
Power supply 380v 50 hz 3 faz
Weight 500kg 

Video footage of the line’s operation


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