Cardboard tube (bush) production line


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General information:

Required area: 80 sq.m
Number of employees: 4 people
Power: 15 kilowatts/hour Voltage: 380 V 50 Hz
Raw materials: kraft paper in roll form, glue (PVA)


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Areas of application of cardboard tubes (bushes):

  • Scotch and other adhesive tapes
  • Different types of films
  • Textile products (yarn and fabric spools)
  • Construction roll materials
  • Toilet paper and roll towels

Advantages of cardboard tubes (sleeves):

  • cardboard has a high coefficient of friction (doesn’t slip compared to plastic);
  • the cost of cardboard is much lower (for example, compared to wood or steel);
  • the material is environmentally friendly – it can be fully recycled and reused;
  • has good opportunities for product design (logos, drawings, inscriptions can be downloaded);
  • bushings treated with good glue can be used several times.

Main equipment in the line:

  • Equipment for cutting and wrapping from large rolls to small rolls
  • Cardboard tube production equipment
  • Equipment for cutting pipes to the required size
  • Kompressor

Additional parts and equipment

  • Raw material delivery section
  • Tanker for glue
  • Finished product assembly table

Equipment for cutting and wrapping from large rolls to small rolls

The finished large roll raw material is placed in this equipment. The equipment automatically cuts the raw material and wraps it in small rolls. The equipment is equipped with 21 knives, that is, it has the ability to cut and wrap 20 rolls at the same time.

Cutting speed 50-120 m/min
Maximum width 1600 mm
Number of blades 21 pcs
Cutting method Using two circular knives
The size of the cutting shaft F50
The diameter of the blades 105 mm
Blade material Steel and Silicon SKG-11
Speed control Electromagnetic speed control
Voltage 380V
Power 3 sq
Size 2500x2200x1300 mm

Raw material delivery parts

the function of the equipment is to deliver the cut cardboard packages, i.e. raw materials, to the cardboard tube production equipment.

Cardboard tube production equipment

This equipment makes small rolls of raw materials into tubes. Pipes are formed by gluing together 3 to 16 layers of raw materials. Bonding is done automatically using glue (PVA). Pipes are made from 1 mm to 8 mm depending on the raw material layer.

Speed of operation 3-16 m/min
Transmission method Automatic transmission with a chain
Pipe diameter 30-150 mm
Pipe thickness 1-8 mm
Wrapping heads (head) 2 pcs
Bonding method Using automatic glue
Cutting method Using an automatic single knife
Size 2600x1700x1600 mm
Cardboard layer 3-16 layers
Pipe thickness 1-8 mm
Management PLC control
Voltage 380V
Power 7.5 sq

Tanker for glue

Equipment for cutting pipes to the required size

Pipe diameter 30-150mm
Pipe length 30-1200mm
Pipe thickness 1-8mm
Number of blades 5
Cutting style Semi-Automatic, pedal assisted
Voltage 1,5 kw

Air compressor (1.5 kw 380V 50 Hz)

Finished product assembly equipment

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