Disposable paper cups production line

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Disposable tableware products are widely used in food, portable sanitation, low cost, as well as business and consumer sectors.

Paper cup products have special advantages in various products and mainly in the food and packaging fields: convenient storage, easy handling, good sanitary conditions and other features.


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At the same time, when the food industry in our country is developing rapidly, the investment in the disposable tableware industry has a long-term perspective as well as a quick payback.

In addition, as people’s consumption levels improve, they tend to pay more attention to hygiene and reduce labor. However, in these areas, our country is still relatively behind in supplying raw materials, researching various production additives and mass production to our people.

So, based on these factors, we recommend a paper cup production line for you.

The most common areas of use are:

  • Catering and food ordering services;
  • Ice cream manufacturers;
  • Hot coffee points of sale;
  • Soft drinks sales points;
  • Popcorn and similar snack products business;
  • Other possible areas of use.

Paper cutting equipment

The paper is printed on and then cut before it is placed on the machine. Special cutting equipment is available for cutting such non-standard shapes. The equipment is popularly called a crucible press. You can earn a good profit by using this equipment separately. Because printed single-layer for all kinds of sweets and disposable containers are cut using this equipment. We present to you the variety of equipment in standard sizes. There are larger and smaller types. A separate mold is required for each form of equipment. Our staff will tell you how to make molds and where to order them. The equipment can be moved automatically and with the help of a pedal.

Marking equipment for semi-automatic cutting and bending for boxes ML-750
Produced China
Voltage 280V50hz
Power consumption 2.2kw/h
Work area 750*520mm
Speed of operation 0-30 pieces/min
Size 1500*1400*1300 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Box thickness For 1,2,3,5,7 layer corrugated boxes
Automatic counting function There is




Our equipment is manufactured on the basis of the latest technologies and stands out from others with significantly higher speed and less noise during operation. The most important aspect is the ability to control the number of output products.

Paper cup production equipment
Produced China
City Shenzhen
Voltage 380v/220v50hz
Power consumption 4kw/h
Production speed 50-60 pieces/min
The bottom of the glass is diametric 30-75mm
Glass capacity 2.5-12oz
The glass is high diametric 38-94mm
The height of the glass 30-111mm
Paper height 150-350gsm
Size 2800*1400*1700 mm
Weight 1350 kg



We can also make a color roll printing device according to the requirements of the customers who want it. Since this equipment is a little more expensive and there are many companies that provide printing services, we did not add it to the prices.


Payments can be made through an account number in our national currency soum, corporate cards of entrepreneurs, foreign currency account number, international payment cards.

Buyers can receive equipment at the specified prices from the warehouse of “AFEX-GROUP” LLC in Tashkent.

(Installation costs and shipping are paid separately by the buyer)

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