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8th generation Sock knitting equipment with robotic technology AFX-8FTP

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Selecting the sock manufacturing equipment is like the first pass in football during the production process. Depending on the player’s trajectory and confidence, all other results will be factored into the final score. We offer you two versions of hosiery production equipment: 7th generation and 8th generation knitting equipment.


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AFEX-GROUP has been working with entrepreneurs who are new to the producer market for many years. As an experienced supplier, we can say that most factories will be closed soon due to the wrong selection of weaving equipment.

For example, we have long been in detail with cases where we tell a potential buyer what is the production of socks, what equipment is needed to organize such production, what equipment is available for the production of socks, who produces this equipment, what nuances may arise. we are introducing.

First of all, our company teaches you not to be fooled by the beautiful words of other sellers. We believe that it is necessary for a future businessman to be able to distinguish the goods he is buying from the original goods and similar goods. For example, entrepreneurs intending to start production will find on the market equipment similar to our 7th generation equipment, 8th generation; You may even see the 9th generation being marketed as the 10th generation. In fact, today we will introduce you to the functions of the 8th generation equipment and try to give information about its irreplaceable differences with other equipment.

It is no secret that the most famous manufacturers of sock machines are from Italy and the Czech Republic. These are companies such as LONATI, MATEC, IRMAC, RUMI, SANGIACOMO, COLOSIO, UNIPLET, BUSI GIOVANNI. All the above manufacturers are a combination of science, new technologies, many years of experience and high quality.

But among them, we would like to mention a few companies that have achieved the best performance in their segment:

These are, first of all, LONATI, the undisputed leader in the production of knitting machines for women, and BUSI GIOVANNI, the manufacturer of knitting machines for the hosiery range.

Our equipment package includes a knitting machine (with automatic hemstitching function), noiseless air compressor and air pulling device (built into the equipment) and an iron.

The equipment is manufactured with a high-tech solution, and some additional functions are not available even in Italian equipment.

Sock knitting machine AFX-8FTP(8th generation)
Produced Taiwan
Voltage 380v50hz (220v50hz on order)
Power consumption 4.5 kw/h
Functions Summer, winter, women, men, children, short socks, long socks, tights
Cylinder inches 3,75
The number of needles 96; 120; 144; 156; 168; 200 pieces (chosen according to the customer’s request)
Motor Servo Turbo (3.0 generation) with brake system
Automatic lubrication system There is
Automatic top stitching There is
Change the selected part There is
Choose colors 16 tags can be freely selected



If we dwell on the main advantages of our equipment, many new aspects will open up for you:

  • Fully automatic production process (selection of design, selection of colors, knitting of socks);
  • Internal variable cylinder – this system allows you to control the density of your product. With standard 3.75 inch cylinders, you can produce a wide variety of socks.
  • With the color touch screen panel display real time function, you can monitor the stage of knitting socks in this system.
  • Possibility to use 16 different colors and types of threads.
  • Ability to knit socks for right and left feet at the same time.
  • Used Import Pneumatic Valves and Cylinders (Airtag)
  • The density changer function can control the density and give the motor a step-by-step command. This will improve the quality of your socks.
  • Automatic hemstitching (in this case, the function of passing each seam separately, taking into account the density of the socks).
  • Output in the right position for convenient ironing of socks (requires labor because other equipment outputs upside down).
  • It will automatically detect and display the error on your screen when the thread breaks, air pressure drops, air draft decreases, needles break, lubrication system fails or runs out of oil, incorrect thread is installed in the machine, and other 45 types of errors.
  • The equipment has a production capacity of 300 to 350 pairs of socks per 24 hours,

Innovations in technological production and technical solutions introduced by these companies in the production of equipment allow them to be in the first place among all well-known manufacturers of cylinder knitting machines.

It is clear that the price of these machines for the production of socks cannot be low and ranges from 17,000 to 25,000 euros, in some cases (with optional devices) up to 35,000 euros. But these prices scare many people, especially beginners, entrepreneurs who want to buy sock machines from 5000 to 15000 dollars. In such cases, you can choose: either used equipment, or machines from China (lower price limit) or from Taiwan and Korea.

Second-hand equipment is basically a lottery. They can work for another 50 years without much trouble, but they can fail on the second day after starting, which may surprise you.

If the buyer had specialists who had enough experience working on machines of a certain model, they would advise you to buy new equipment first.

If an entrepreneur wants to create a production from “scratch” and does not have specialists with experience in servicing the used cars he buys, this can be a very serious problem. Such entrepreneurs should first of all purchase new and guaranteed production equipment.

In such cases, the AFEX-GROUP company is the exclusive dealer supplying Taiwan’s equipment assembled in China to Uzbekistan.

We recommend that you consider this new type of 8th generation sock production equipment as an alternative to Italy’s LONATI equipment. Based on the machine’s speed and weaving quality, when the finished products were presented to customers in China, they could not distinguish which one was woven on the LONATI machine and which one was woven on the 8th generation AFX-8FTP machine.

In this example, we can see that the equipment will automatically release the tip of the sock in the ready position. In this, the needles pass the thread between each knitted row, and the result is like a whole product for the sock.

The sock making equipment can produce you high quality socks not only from cotton but also from bamboo yarn. Below you will get to know the important parts of socks.

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