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Mix production equipment AF-L011


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We have decided to provide you with a nail production line based on the demands of many of our customers. Mix is currently considered one of the most popular building materials in construction works in our country. Mix production business is considered more effective than other businesses as it allows you to get quick income and easy to find buyers for your products. You can get to know the production process closely through our recommended line below.



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Entrepreneurs who want to make more money from the business of mixing, buy a wire with a diameter of 5.5 mm and stretch it to the diameter they need. In this process, the mass of the wire does not increase or decrease. In this line, you can also make a profit by selling different diameter wires, there is a difference between the prices of thick diameter wire and non-thick diameter wire. The wire stretching line we recommend can stretch from 5.5mm to 1.2mm. Wire stretching is carried out in two stages, and in the first stage it is stretched up to 2 mm.

Wire stretching equipment
Produced China
Model APL560/APL480
Incoming wire diametric(MAX) 6.5 mm
Outgoing wire diametric(MIN) 1.2mm
Power consumption 88kw/h
Speed of operation 50-60m/min
Motor type Inverter
Control Panel PLC+buttom



Wires stretched up to 2 mm are inserted into a heating furnace and kept at a temperature of 850 C for 2-3 hours. This process serves to increase the elasticity of the wire. At the end of this process, you can again stretch the wire to a diameter of 1.2 mm.

Wire heating furnace
Produced China
Model HF2000
Internal temperature 950C
Working temperature 850C
Power consumption 120kw/h
For heat storage part 35kw/h
Heat up time 2-3 hours
Control panel PLC+buttom
Production volume 2 tons/at one time



The tip roller equipment prepares the end of the wire for the stretching equipment, that is, by making the three parts into a flat shape, it brings it into a state where it rolls well on the drum.


Type roller
Produced China
Model TR6
Internal temperature 950C
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 3kw/h
Wire diameter 6.5-2mm



Wire welding equipment is also involved in the wire stretching process. This equipment connects the end of the wire in the new wire wrap by welding when the wire in the wire wrap is depleted. After that, the wire will not be disconnected.

Wire welding equipment
Produced China
Model   DH 6.5
Weight 150 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 10kw/h
Wire diameter 6.5-2mm



The finished coils of wire are placed in the nailing equipment. Depending on what size nail you need, you can choose a nailer. If you want to produce all kinds of nails, then it is advisable to buy the equipment recommended below.

Mix release equipment AF-1C(9-25mm)
Produced China
Model AF-1C
Weight 560 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 1.5kw/h
Wire diameter(MIN) 0.9mm
Wire diameter(MAX) 1.6 mm
Size 1440*1040*1270mm
Speed of operation 450 pieces/min


Mixing equipment AF-2C(20-60mm)
Produced China
Model AF-2C
Weight 1200 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 2,2kw/h
Wire diameter(MIN) 1,2mm
Wire diameter(MAX) 2,8 mm
Size 1640*1215*1370mm
Speed of operation 350 pieces/min
The length of the mix 20-60 mm


Mixing equipment AF-3C(25-85mm)
Produced China
Model AF-3C
Weight 1400 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 3 kw/h
Wire diameter(MIN) 1,8mm
Wire diameter(MAX) 3,8 mm
Size 1990*1200*1250mm
Speed of operation 300 pieces/min
The length of the mix 25-85 mm


Mixing equipment AF-4C(25-85mm)
Produced China
Model AF-4C
Weight 1700 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 4 kw/h
Wire diameter(MIN) 1,8mm
Wire diameter(MAX) 3,8 mm
Size 2200*1400*1350 mm
Speed of operation 190 pieces/min
The length of the mix 30-110 mm


Mixing equipment AF-5C(70-170mm)
Produced China
Model AF-5C
Weight 1900 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 5,5 kw/h
Wire diameter(MIN) 3mm
Wire diameter(MAX) 6 mm
Size 2800*1500*1550mm
Speed of operation 170 pieces/min
The length of the mix 70-170 mm



After the nail comes out of the nailing equipment, it is thoroughly polished. During the polishing process, your nails will become brighter and avoid unnecessary questions for customers. In the process of polishing, as well as in the process of nail production, problems such as the error caused by the speed of the knife, i.e. the three parts not opening well, are eliminated.

Mix polishing equipment PM-600
Produced China
Model PM-600
Weight 11100 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 2.2kw/h
Size 1640*900*1000mm
Speed of operation 600 kg at once
Duty cycle 1-3 hours



As a result of regular work with mixing equipment with metal, it is necessary to sharpen the blades installed on it frequently. Since the knives have a specific type, it is recommended to sharpen them using a special wheel.

Sharpening equipment NG-300
Produced China
Model NG-300
Weight 200 kg
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 0.75kw/h
Size 1110*690*1200mm
Sharpening length 300mm
Area of use For cutting knives


With the line recommended above, you will be able to produce nails and wires of any size. Realizing that mixing production is a profitable industry, we will help you find a qualified technologist and the necessary raw materials for production. Of course, some of our entrepreneurs may not have enough initial funds to purchase the above line, in such cases, we advise you to purchase nail-making equipment, polishing equipment, and wheels. And we undertake to conclude contracts for the wires of the diameter you need at low prices from the places where we sold the entire line.

For the above line, the buyer must fulfill the following requirements:

Indoor space of not less than 150 m2
2 workers
380 v 50 hz power supply for indoor installation
Other minor requirements as required by the engineer technologist
Video about the small line

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