Whipped polyethylene tubes production line for insulation


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Polyethylene pipes whipped for insulation are an excellent insulation tool for heating systems, hot and cold water supply and sewage systems.

 Pipe wall thickness: 15 mm. Inner diameter: from 6 mm to 86 mm. The Material is moisture-resistant, retains its physical and chemical properties, does not mold, does not rot, is oil and gasoline-resistant, flexible and lightweight, easy to install and glue.


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Features of insulation pipes:

  • Reliably protects against condensation and heat loss.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe to use, does not require the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Materials do not burn
  • Swallows noise.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Significantly reduces heat losses, which ultimately saves money.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +90 ° C.
  • The service life is 50 years.

Overview of the line

Equipment and devices within the line

Automatic raw material delivery equipment

Delivery speed 200 kg / h
Motor power 0.75 kw
Delivery height Up to 3 meters


Automatic raw material (powder-shaped) conveying equipment

Delivery speed 0.5-2 kg / h
Motor power 0.75 kw


Extruder equipment

Motor (explosion proof Motor, Brand: Siemens
Motor power 22 kW
Reducotor Polished metal
Schesterna material high quality steel
Surface hardness 54-62 HRC
Accuracy Class 6
Screw diameter Daschatlari75mm
Screw material Given nitrogen ishkov. Surface hardness above 38CRMNALA HV900
Heating and cooling
Heating zones Zone 8
Heating circle material for plasticizing part stainless steel
Circle material for the cooling part explosion-proof cast aluminum
Cooling method With water


Bhutan delivery system

Pump type  High pressure 
Type of foam-forming equipment Diluted butane dosing pump
Transfer rate 16L / hour
Output pressure 10-30 Mpa
Motor (explosion proof 2.2 kw


Anti-compression system (GMs pump)

Pump type  Superior
Single cylinder anti-compression gear type Dispensed glycerin monostearate dosing pump
Transfer rate 3.6 L/H
Dosage container size 10L
Output pressure 10-30 Mpa
Engine power 0.75 kW


Automatic high speed hydraulic setka change system

Hydraulics station 1 vol.
Electrical appliances and pipes 1 set per engine
Motor power 3 kw


Extruder head (golovka) and mold

Structure Round extruder has adjustable and pressure measuring device output head
Materials Thermally machined high quality steel
Temperature control zone Zone 3
Temperature control accuracy ±1° C
Heating power 3 kw
Water cooling system in the head part Available


Air cooling ring

Cooling type Using an air loop
Fans  3pcs x 0.33 kw
Cooling ring diameter Depending on the diameter of the product


Pipe pulling and cutting equipment

Capacity 2.2 kw
Cooling type Air ring 
Speed control system  Available
Length measurement system  Available
Management system Available



Length  3 m
Kuvai 1,5 kVt


Management system

  1. The control system is equipped with an air cooling fan to ensure that all electrical components work in good condition.
  2. To ensure that the equipment always works in the best condition, all parts in the electric control Cabinet have been used from internationally famous brands.

Tower for cooling with water

Watercourse  50m3 / so
Size   2215x2215x2830 mm
Fan diameter  1400 mm
Motor power 1.5 kw



Air compressor

Motor power  7,5 kVt
Size 180 L



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