Wet wipes production line (10-120 units)

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The choice of the type of production is very important for the business to make a good profit. And the production of consumer goods means the best choice. Today, one of the most widely used products is wet wipes. This type of napkins has become an integral part of our daily life due to its hygienic superiority and universality. With this in mind, the team of “AFEX-GROUP” LLC offers you automatic equipment for the production of wet wipes.


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This seemingly small product is actually one of the most profitable types of business. Because the number of its users is increasing day by day. Now let’s talk about why you should start this business:

  • A close assistant for mothers, that is, large-sized wet wipes, are mainly used to replace baby diapers.
  • Products that are always in demand do not choose a season. The demand for them is the same – high, both in summer and in winter. Wet wipes are one such product.
  • It is not necessary to have high experience to start this business. The same applies to entrepreneurs who are just starting their own business.
  • The equipment we offer is fully automated and does not require much effort from you. This means you can save manpower.
  • The product market is not limited. That is, you can also sell them in supermarkets, restaurants and pharmacies.
  • You can also work on an order basis, cooperating with large restaurants, fast food outlets and other places.
  • You have the possibility to deliver according to the order on the basis of OEM order, that is, with the LOGO and name of the customer. With this, you can definitely get regular orders.
  • Various sizes are widely used in cosmetics and beauty salons.
  • Also used for high disinfection by alcoholizing wet wipes.


First of all, clarify the area of ​​application of the product, that is, the number of the package of the product you are releasing, whether it is for car use or for women, and for other situations. Depending on this, the scent and liquid content of the wet wipes you produce will be selected. If your product is mainly for antibacterial purposes, it is often necessary to add alcohol solutions. The size of our liquid preparation tank is suitable for your daily production volume. The excess liquid left in the tank will be returned with the help of a special pump.

Liquid preparation tank 400L
Produced China
City Dongguan
Voltage K380V50hz
Power consumption 4.5kw/h
Product mixing section There is
Special stainless metallic pump There is
Container material Stainless steelss304
Product size 1100x1100x1500mm
Product weight 230 kg


One of the main stages in the production of wet wipes is the forming and cutting part. This equipment forms N+Cross. Our equipment is easy to use and has a touch screen control panel. Currently, the work of establishing the Uzbek language has already been started. If you order equipment, then you can become one of our happy customers. Our company recommends this compact line to you based on long-term research and information obtained from factories with extensive experience. One of the biggest achievements of the line is that we were able to make it affordable. Many of our customers have asked us for equipment from 10 units to 120 units, and unfortunately many of them have turned away from this idea due to the high cost of the equipment. Since we tried to make the equipment as universal as possible, it was not possible to automate all their functions. Therefore, the line we recommend below requires 2 workers. As you know from the beginning, our company is in favor of not participating in the human factor work process as much as possible. We try to recommend non-manual businesses to all our customers. We also have a solution for such customers and the price is slightly more expensive. During the operation of the wet wipes equipment, you can specify how many napkins should be in each package through the settings, and the equipment will calculate this during the cutting process of the napkins. When placing an order with our company, please specify the size of the wet wipes in the package. You will need these dimensions when choosing raw materials during the production process.

Equipment for making wet wipes
Produced china
City Dongguan
Voltage 380v50hz (220v at customer’s request)
Power consumption 3.5kw/h
Raw material Spunlace non-woven fabric
Quality of raw materials 40-80g/m2
Material Stainless steel ss304
Equipment size 1100x1100x1500mm
Product weight 1100 kg
Product folding method N Cross
Raw width 200mm
The size of a wet wipe 100x70mm (can be changed according to the customer’s request)
Equipment size 4500x1200x1650mm
Product release rate 300-650 pieces/min




The packaging process is the final step in product production. The packaging equipment is created with the help of high engineering skills, the product is placed inside the packaging material, first the holes are opened in the packaging to take out the napkin, a special adhesive film is stuck on the place of the hole, and the packaging continues in this way. With the help of the equipment, it is possible to prepare products of various sizes. Our equipment packs using Brick Type Gusset method to make the packaged product design beautiful. The advantage of this type of packaging is that the side of the product is also rectangular. The image below explains the difference. We leave it to the workers to glue the plastic hinges so that our line does not increase in cost. The reason is that this part requires robot-controlled equipment, and the price can be prohibitive for beginners.

One of the advantages of this machine is that it has full servo control, so when you change the size of the package, the punching and labeling parts are automatically adjusted to the packaging machine.


AFEX-GROUP company provides all necessary raw materials for product preparation. These are water-scenting and disinfecting additives, non-woven fabric with 70% spunlace and 30% viscose, packaging labels, self-adhesive label, plastic opening and closing part, etc. It should be noted that this business has increased even more during the pandemic. Due to the fact that the production capacity in Uzbekistan is not enough for the domestic market, we are importing from Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. We believe that this business will pay for itself in 12 months, and we have good reasons for this.

Equipment for making wet wipes
Produced China
City Dengguan
Voltage 220v50hz
Power consumption 3.5kw/h
Raw material BOP, OPP, PE, HDPE, LDPE
Packing material width MAX 430mm
Finished package size MAX Width 170mm, length 280mm, height 80mm
Equipment size 4000x1100x1800mm
Equipment weight 750 kg
Product folding method N Cross
Functions Dates the package, punches a hole for the tissue pack, and attaches an adhesive label.
Equipment size 4500x1200x1650mm
Product packaging speed 20-70 pieces/min



Liquid preparation tank 400L $2400
Wet wipes maker $25,500
Packaging equipment $21,400
Total (CIP Tashkent) $49,900


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