Special mixer for PVC


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High performance requirements, new properties of raw materials, sequence of technological processes or increasing quality requirements – there are many reasons for adjusting the parameters of the production line. Often, quality preparation of the first step in the technological chain of the material is not considered properly. However, a well-optimized mixture is the basis of a highly reproducible result. The function of these mixers is to ensure uniform and equal distribution of stabilizers, oil-based materials and modifiers. This mixer turns the mixture into a dust-free, dry state.

The heating mixer is designed to heat and mix the material and all parts to a temperature of 110 C to 130 C for 5-8 minutes. This process binds all compounds to the material particles. However, at this temperature, bonding waxes are still somewhat viscous and the composite tends to not compress under pressure. Therefore, the mixture is transferred from the heating mixer to the cooling mixer, where it is cooled to about 40 C. After that, the mixed material is cooled in a vertical cooling mixer. In the next step, the mixed material can be used for ensiling and further processing including extrusion.


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Produced China
Voltage 380v 50hz
Motor power 11, 55 kw/h
Mixing time 8-12 minutes
Mixing steps 2 stage
hot or cold mixing function there is
Control Panel PLC control panel
Heat up 12kw/h
Hot mixer volume 300L
Mixer rotation speed 475-950 r/min
Cold mixer volume 600L
Product release method Pneumatically
Volume of product at one time Around 100kg
Production volume 450-500kg/h
Size 2500*2100*3800 mm
Weight 3000 kg

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