PE / PP waste processing line


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As the production sector is developing in the modern world, attention is being increasingly paid to the waste processing sector. Currently, in all developed countries, the processing industry occupies a significant place in the ecological economy of the country, and the international community is also demanding it.

At the same time, the amount of investments in this field has been increasing in our country in recent years. For this reason, AFEX-GROUP company members offer a variety of recycling equipment in order to help entrepreneurs contribute to the economy and ecology of our country. It is the turn of our equipment for processing polyethylene and polypropylene cellophane products.


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General information

Raw materials: PE and PP cellophane, package and plastic products

Production volume: 400-500 kg/hour

Total capacity: 210 kw/h

Water consumption: 5 tons/hour

Number of workers: 4-5

Total required area: 150 square meters

Final product state: granule

Equipment list

Now let’s get acquainted with the list of all the equipment in the processing line. The line generally consists of two parts: grinding-washing, granulation.


  1. Conveyor
  2. Grinding equipment
  3. Washing equipment
  4. Washing pools
  5. Special sediment conveyor
  6. Delivery equipment
  7. Drying equipment
  8. Control point

Grinding into granules

9. Conveyor

10. Extruder

11. Drying equipment

12. Vibrator

13. Control point

Recycling process

Now let’s take a closer look at all the stages.

The first stage

So, we put all waste and raw materials on a special conveyor. This conveyor delivers to the next crushing equipment in its direction. The equipment has a 1.5 kW motor, and the working length is 6 m in total.

The second stage

One of the main equipment in this section is the crusher equipment. He grinds all the raw materials to the required size.

  1. New blade design, increase production.
  2. High speed dynamic balance. The noise is less than the old generation equipment and the grinder is equipped with shock absorption system to ensure continuous operation.
    Crusher equipment
    Engine power 6kw
    Number of stationary blades 4
    Number of rotating blades 6
    Blade material SKD11
    Spindle speed 650rmp
    General dimensions 2300*1250*1400mm
    Equipment weight 1,75T


The third stage

In the next equipment, crushed packages, cellophane are cleaned of solids. The task of the equipment is to catch them and deliver them to the next washing equipment.

Crusher equipment
Engine power 11kw
Rotation speed 500r/min
Working dimensions 380*3500mm
Material Carbon metal
Weight 1,1T

The fourth stage

In this washing machine, we clean only water-soluble products from waste. Solids such as sand, stone and PVC settle to the bottom of the washing tank. Sediments are removed through a special auger conveyor.

The fifth stage

At the very last stage of the recycling process, the bags are washed again.

Washing machine
Engine power 1,5kw
Dimensions 4000*1000*400mm
Weight 380kg 




The sixth stage

At the very last stage of the first washing-grinding part, the ground products are dried. All processes are regulated through the control point.

Drying equipment
Engine power 30kw
Spindle rotation speed 1400rmp 
General dimensions 2,25*1,5*1,6 m
Capacity 500kg
Material Carbon (inside SS304)
Weight 1000kg


The first stage

At this stage, the dried-crushed waste is once again crushed into granules. For this we need all the equipment in the picture above. 2 extruders are included in the equipment set.

Main extruder
Screw diameter 250 mm
Screw length 3,6 metr
Screw material 40Cr
Engine power 90kw(inverter)
Electromagnetic heating power 240kw(80kw*3)





Additional extruder
Screw diameter 200 mm
Screw length 1,6 metr
Screw material 40Cr
Engine power 45kw
Heating capacity 20kw

The second stage

Pellets are cut using this equipment. It is also washed and cooled with water during the cutting process.

Cutting equipment
Engine power 1,5kw
Working power 10kw
Cooling tank dimensions 2500*350mm


The third stage

At the last stage, we dry our washed granules. After drying, they are ready for sale.

Drying equipment
Engine power 5,5kw
Spindle rotation speed 1450 r/min
Equipment dimensions 1200*1150*1800mm
Material Stainless metal


Finally, a vibrating silo is needed to clean the finished products.

Vibrating silo
Engine power 3kw
Material Stainless metal
Size 3 metr/kub


It is managed through a control point to control the equipment.

A video of the working process




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