Garbage bag production line


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Garbage bags are a practical and convenient solution for collecting and disposing of household garbage. Made of thick and durable polyethylene, they securely hold debris in place and prevent liquid leakage. It is used in homes, offices, shops and other places. Easy-to-use and environmentally friendly garbage bags help to keep clean and tidy, making garbage collection simple and hygienic.


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General information about the line

Capacity: 30-120 pcs/min

Energy Type: Electric

Voltage: 380V

Required power: 25 kW

Required area: a room of 20×5 meters or more.

Room height: 5 meters

Number of workers: 3 or more


An automated bag production line is a complete set of equipment and systems designed for the automatic production of bags made of polyethylene or other materials. This is a line that works without significant human intervention.

Extruder equipment

Stages of operation of the equipment:

  1. Preparation of raw materials: polyethylene raw materials are loaded into the extruder container.
  2. Extrusion: the raw material is heated and passed through the extruder head. In this block, the raw material is converted into a plastic mass and blown through a set of molding heads to form a film of a certain width and thickness.
  3. Cooling and packaging: The film is cooled as it passes through the cooling system, and then wound onto a drum to form a large roll.

Screw diameter F50mm*2
The aspect ratio  30:1
The speed 5-65 revolutions per minute
Voltage 380V
Power 15 kw
The production volume 50-80kg / hour
The width of the production film 200-800 mm
The thickness of one layer 0,008-0,10 mm
The weight of the equipment 2300kg
Equipment size 4800x3000x4500 mm
Schnel material A38 chrome-molybdenum aluminum
Screw heating Cast aluminum heating spiral
Feeder cooling system with water
Main workpiece cooling system With air
Motor Inverter


Equipment for the production of twine bags

After forming the roll, this equipment is used to cut it and turn the film into bags of a certain size and shape.

Voltage: 380 V

Package length: 100-1100 mm

Package width: 100-1100 mm

Package thickness: 0.01-0.06 mm

Production speed: 30-120 pcs/min

The size of the equipment:  10000x2250x1800 mm


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