Equipment for the preparation of plastic containers for food products (automatic)


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Plastic containers are mainly used as a one-time product for storing products. This, in turn, ensures the continuous sale of your manufactured products. This product will always have a buyer. But will its production be profitable? If this question is bothering you, let’s take a look at the industries that are benefiting from single-use plastic containers in the market today:


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1. For ready meals, watery and liquid products in food-kitchens.

2. In confectionery – for various sugar products and bakery products.

3. Fruits and vegetables and prepared salads.

4. Egg dishes for poultry eggs.

5. For blister packaging of other types of products.

Of course, these containers will ensure the quality and affordability of your products. This business is considered one of the less complicated types of activities in the production of products. That is, you can install the equipment in your home and produce the products at home.

As a result of inquiries by our company, it was found that these types of plastic containers are imported from Russia and China.

Raw materials; Films such as PET, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, PLA can be used. Before buying these types of films, the equipment capabilities, i.e. the size of the desktop, are considered important. The equipment we offer, the maximum forming size; 480 mm wide, that is, up to 500 mm film can be loaded on the desktop.

Necessary infrastructures for starting the activity;

Required area; It should not be less than 25 m².

Electric energy; 20 KW/380 V.

Number of workers; 1-2 people.

The equipment can produce 75-90 pieces of medium-sized plastic bottles in 1 minute.

Technical indicator
Impact speed 15-40 times/min
Formation size 480*300mm
Formation depth 47mm
Raw material PLA, PVC, PET, PS
Roll width 510mm
Raw material thickness 0.15-0.6mm
Internal roll diametric 75 mm
Stroke 60-320mm
Compressed air (air compressor) 0.6-0.8 MPa, 0.3 cm/min
Mold cooling (Refrigeration) 20C, 50L/hour, processing water
Total power 11.5kw
Main engine power 2.2 sq
General measure 3480*900*1800mm
Weight 2400 kg



We will explain the automatic plastic container production equipment and technological production processes with the help of pictures.

1- Depending on the type of the product to be produced, we can load raw materials with a width of 500 mm, and PET, PVC, PLA, which are widely used at the moment.

In the next step, the formed products are cut and separated. The excess part of the products is automatically wrapped in the upper part of the equipment.

Water cooling device using Chiller-Havo.

The air compressor is considered an auxiliary device for the main formation of the equipment (pneumatic cylinder).

Technical indicator
Maximum pressure 8 bars
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 3 Kw
Size 900*360*735mm
Weight 68 kg


Video from the production process


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