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High income can be seen in all types of business. We can cite several factors as the reason for this. But there are some types of production business through which an entrepreneur can achieve high profit in a short period of time. For this, the product should be of high quality, affordable and, most importantly, non-seasonal. One of such types of production is, of course, a soap production line.

We all know that year by year the demand for hygienic products is increasing, not decreasing. The demand for soap in our country is very high. The place of this product in every household is incomparable. Because of this, entrepreneurs can get high income through this business. For this, AFEX-GROUP will help you to provide high-quality equipment. With the help of our production line, you can produce 2 different types of soap: household soap (“dirty soap” in the vernacular) and perfume soap. The equipment is produced by an international factory of the People’s Republic of China, which has been working in this field for many years. Let’s get detailed information about the production plant.


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General information

Production capacity: 100-300kg/hour

Number of workers: 6

Required area size: 22*8*3.5m (length*width*height)

Power: 30kw/h

Special requirements: sewage system, ventilation system, 3-phase electricity, hygienic area.

Production process

The production process does not consist of complicated steps. It does not require high technical knowledge and skills from the user. Our experienced technologists will provide you with practical assistance in installing the equipment.

The first stage – we prepare the raw materials

At the earliest stage, we need to prepare the raw materials. The composition of raw materials varies depending on the type of soap (household soap and perfume soap). With our equipment, you can produce all kinds of soaps. For this we need a mixer. The mixer prepares all the raw materials for us to produce a quality product.

Sigimi 50kg
Power 2,2 kw/h
General dimensions 1500*1000*1050mm
Weight 252kg

The second stage – we grind the raw materials

In the next step, we grind the mixed raw materials so that they are well combined.

Grinding equipment
Screw diameter 150mm
Auger working length 300mm 
Power 2,2kw
General dimensions 1300*1050*1100mm
Weight 380kg 

The third stage – we take it out of the extruder

At this stage, we will carry out the most basic process of our production. We transfer the crushed semi-finished raw materials to the extruders through the conveyor. The most important equipment in the production line is definitely the extruder equipment. Extruder equipment is a high-quality equipment that produces soaps under strong pressure (press).

Grinding equipment
Sigimi 100-300kg/h
Power 5,5kw
General dimensions 4000*1000*2450mm
Weight 1870 kg

The fourth stage – we give shape

We can print various inscriptions and patterns on the soaps produced from the extruder with the help of a mold shaft. We work with each client individually.

We remind you that you can produce 2 types of soaps through this type of production line: perfume soap and household soap. The production process has gone through the same stages until now. Only here is the difference. Household soap is usually rectangular. Therefore, only the cutting equipment is enough for him.

Cutting equipment
Power 2kw
Sigimi 100-1000 kg/h
Cutting length 60-400 mm
General dimensions 800*360*800 mm
Weight 58 kg

Perfume soaps are round or oval. That is why we need additional equipment. For this we need a soap stamping machine and a special mold.


Soap Stamping Equipment
Material Stainless metal
Power 3kw
Hydraulic press 500-800 kg
Air pressure 0,6 mpa
General dimensions 650*500*1450
Weight 320 kg 

Our soaps come out of the equipment ready for sale on the conveyor. We can take them from the conveyor and pack them and sell them. Depending on how you want to pack, we can offer different equipment: in a bag, box or two-layer paper packaging. We offer you horizontal packaging equipment.

Horizontal coding equipment
Speed of operation 40-250 pc/m
Voltage 220v 50-60 hz
Power 1,7 kw
Kadoclsh height ma[ 45mm
collar length 90-230mm
Coding width 40-125 mm
The size 3470*670*1450mm
Weight 350 kg 


Mixer $ 2 680
Three-stage grinding equipment $ 3 900
Extruder equipment $ 15 620
Cutting equipment $ 8 660
Household soap box $ 230
Vacuum pump $ 1 020
Water pump $ 1 030
Conveyor $ 5 330
Soap stamping equipment $ 6 960
Perfume soap case $ 880
Electronic control panel $ 2 600
Horizontal coding equipment $ 6 200
Total $ 55 110


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