Production line of medical gloves (Nitrile/Latex)


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We can say without a doubt that 2020 was a very difficult year for the medical field. The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has put the people of the whole world in a difficult financial and physical situation. The virus has taken and continues to take away many of our loved ones. As a result, we can show an unexpected high demand for medical equipment and tools. For this reason, we aim to help reduce the high demand through our next production line. Let’s get enough information about nitrile gloves.


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Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber. They are flexible and stretchable. Before and after production, they undergo a multi-stage sterilization process using special chemicals. For this reason, they are equally used in the medical and chemical fields. Their raw material does not contain latex. These types of gloves are usually used by people who are allergic to latex.

Nitrile gloves are used in routine tasks in addition to medical purposes. Nitrile gloves are also widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Nitrile gloves are tested in special laboratories after production. All these tests are aimed at ensuring the durability of gloves used in hospitals and chemical industries.

Useful features

  1. Does not cause allergies. These gloves do not contain any latex. Therefore, people who are allergic to latex can use these gloves without any difficulty.
  2. Resistant. Gloves of this type are more resistant to tearing and holes than latex gloves.
  3. Adaptable. The material of the gloves is elastic. Because of this, they can fit into the hands without any problems.
  4. Durability. They are designed for long-term use. They are convenient even for regular use. They are manufactured in compliance with durability standards and requirements.
  5. Resistance to infection. Nitrile gloves are widely used in the medical field. It is clear that doctors and nurses are exposed to infectious diseases. There, these gloves can be a protective tool to avoid harmful infections.
  6. Chemical resistance. These gloves have a unique feature to prevent the harmful effects of many chemicals on the skin.

General information

  1. General dimensions of the line: 50m*1.8m*6.5m (length*width*height)
  2. Total weight of the line: 50 tons
  3. Required area dimensions: 130m*15m*15m (length*width*height)
  4. Production capacity: 120,000-140,000 pairs per day
  5. Number of workers: 6-7
  6. Water consumption: 1-2 cubic meters/hour
  7. Number of hand molds: 3000
  8. Raw materials: nitrile material, chlorine, water, natural gas/kerosene/diesel, starch
  9. Fuel: 170 cubic meters per hour if natural gas is used. 105 kg/hour if diesel is used
  10. Total capacity of the plant: 275kw/h

(The necessary project dimensions of the production line will be provided during the agreement.)

A collection of equipment

The production line includes the following parts:

  1. Heating system
  2. Water system
  3. Pneumatic pressure system
  4. Raw material mixing system
  5. Immersion and cleaning system
  6. Mold system
  7. Finished product system
  8. Testing system
  9. Packaging system

Now let’s get acquainted with the production process and the set of equipment that we need to implement these processes.

In the first step, the molds are cleaned

First of all, we start the work by cleaning the molds used in the previous processes. Because during all stages and in the working environment, excess dust and substances can stick to the surface of the molds. In order to prevent various unpleasantness, molds are cleaned using acids and alkalis. In the second stage of cleaning, molds are dipped in boiling water. Molds that come out of boiling water are now cleaned again using special drum brushes. This is the end of the mold cleaning stage. You can watch a video of the process in the video below

In the second stage, the molds are coated with liquid

The turn has come to the most important stage of our production process. Our molds from the drum brush are slightly dried in the air and with the help of fans. Now our molds are placed in containers (baths) filled with nitrile liquid. For a short period of time, the surface of the molds is completely covered with nitrile material. Then the molds go to the ovens. In a specially heated oven, the nitrile material has time to solidify on the molds.

In the third stage, gloves are chemically treated

At this stage, we continue to chemically process our semi-finished gloves. Our gloves, coming out of the oven, are now first dipped in polymer and then in water. The main purpose of this is to increase the quality of gloves and their resistance to chemical reactions. After that, the sleeves of the gloves are folded so that it is easy to take them off. Then, after a little drying, the gloves are put in a container filled with starch.

In the fourth stage, they are controlled

Our medical gloves are also ready. All that remains is to check their quality and pack.

At this point, it is necessary to emphasize one piece of information. The equipment mentioned above is the main equipment of the production line. You can familiarize yourself with the list of all equipment through the following tables

Heating system
Name Quantity
Oil pot 1
Boiler installation tools 1
Boiler parts


Water system
Name Quantity
Water purifier 1 (6T/h)
Chiller 1 (25HP)



Name Quantity
Air compressor 1
Air storage tank 1


Raw material mixing system
Name Quantity
Vulcanization boiler 1
Polymer boiler 1
Coagulant mixing tank 1
Storage tank 1
Starch pot 1
Stairs, sidewalks 1 set
Pipes of distress 1 set
PLC control system 1
Motor, pump, filters 1 set


Immersion and cleaning system
Name Quantity
Acid container 1
A working container 1
Hot water tank 1
Starch container 1
Melting pot 1
Drum brushes 1 set (horizontal brushes included)
Installation parts (chains, heating pipes, insulation panel) 1 set


Immersion and cleaning system
Name Quantity
Automatic counting equipment 2
Automatic unlocking system 1set
Gloves molds (2 types) 3000


System of finished products
Name Quantity
Drying equipment 1
Washing machine 4
Sterilization equipment 1


The system of testing
Name Quantity
Endurance testing equipment and chiscometer 1set
Thickness measuring equipment and scales 1set


Packaging equipment
Name Quantity
Inner packing machine 1set
Box packing machine 1set
Automatic carton opening equipment 1set


Packaging equipment
Name Quantity
Automatic carton packing equipment 1set
Bending and closing equipment 1set
Box sealing machine 1set

With this, our production processes have come to an end. We hope that with the help of this production line, you will deliver high-quality and useful medical gloves to our people.


Heating system
Water system

$ 875 000

Pneumatic pressurization system
Raw material mixing system
Mold system
Immersion and cleaning system
Finished product system
The system of testing



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