MDF door production line AF-L012


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Earlier, we were amazed by the work done by flower craftsmen, now our master craftsmen are turning to modern technologies to make their work easier and to make it better. Modern equipment guarantees that you will do your work with quality, without errors and on time. Controlling this equipment, which seems complicated at first glance, is not a difficult task. Our equipment has a computerized control system, and we will introduce you to the basic skills. Wooden doors are being replaced by aluminum profile and MDF doors every day. In such conditions, you also have the opportunity to make good money by starting this business. MDF panels are sold ready-made, and they are cut to the required size, the customer’s desired pattern is printed on it, the layers are fastened together with the help of a hot press, the product is varnished, and at the last stage, holes are made for installing a lock on it. Although the production process seems simple at first glance, producing a good product requires good design skills and love from you. With the equipment we offer, you can start making simple furniture.


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First, we start the work by cutting the MDF panel to the required size. It is custom made for us or based on customer’s requirement and the size is different in each province customers. For this we will need a double saw cutting equipment. The double-saw cutting equipment cuts the product in the same plane without blowing the edge, for this, the product comes out with a high-quality product due to the high speed of the small front saw.

Double saw cutting equipment
Model AFX-MJ6132YII
Volume size 3200x3150x900mm
Table size 3200x375mm
The width of the saw and hedge cutter 1250 mm
Cutting height 80mm(45 Max 55mm)
Diametric of the saw blade 305mm
The speed of the saw blade 4000/6000 rpm
Main blade speed 8000 rpm
Power 5.5kw
Weight 850/950 kg


After cutting our MDF panels to the required size for the door, they have to be decorated with various patterns according to the customer’s requirements. If your customer wants glass doors, we can make them too. The main requirement for the craftsman who uses the rover equipment is that he has the skills to use the AutoCAD program.

Pattern engraving rover equipment
Model AF-1325CNC
Control Panel A separate panel
Work area size 1300x2500x220mm
Motor type Spindle 3 kw/h
Cooling system Water cooling
Driver type Leadshine 882
Transmission X, Y, Z
Inverter 3.7kw
Size 3150x2120x1950
Weight 1000 kg
Work program Type#ARTcam/Ucancam


The base for the MDF door is made, then the two surfaces of the base are covered with MDF, and the parts that are connected to the base are well glued and strengthened using hot surface hydraulic pressing equipment. No nails or other reinforcing materials are used in this process, so our products are of high quality.

Hydraulic hot surface press(100T)
Model HPM 214*6
Press power 1000KN/100T
Number of floors 1 floor
Max temperature 120C
Heating system Electric heating (with thermal oil)
Total power consumption 28.5 kw/h
Voltage 380v50hz
Desktop (Mylar coated) 2500x1300x42mm
Size 3600x1710x2080mm
Weight 7600 kg


This auxiliary equipment is necessary to prevent excess waste from entering our production plant and to ensure the smooth operation of our equipment. The operation of the equipment is quite simple, it collects waste in special bags, you can clean it and put it back after the work is done.

Vacuum cleaner
Model M9020
Suction power 3150m3/h
Wind speed 35-40m/second
Motor speed 2900R/min
Total power consumption 3 kw/h
Voltage 380v50hz
Bag size O470x2
Weight 70 kg


This equipment that we offer you is very convenient, it can be used even after the door is installed in the apartment. Works both vertically and horizontally. The use is somewhat simplified, and the probability of mistakes in the process of use by masters is high.

Lock opening device for MDF door
Model LD2400
Voltage 220v50hz
Max punching speed 2000mm/min
Management Manual, semi-automatic
Total power consumption 550w/h
Weight 5 kg


After the work is completed, it is necessary to paint our doors well with paint and varnish. You will need an air compressor for this process. We did not include it in the line because compressors are not difficult to find in the local market.

Rover equipment $7,400
Hydraulic hot surface press (100T) $16,800
Vacuum cleaner $400
The lock replacement tool is $1,300
Double saw cutting equipment $3,500
The total price is $29,400



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