Equipment for the production of alcohol disinfectant wipes


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The demand for hygienically clean products is increasing day by day. The demand for these types of products on market stalls and supermarkets is increasing day by day. Because of this, we can show the virus that has spread all over the world and the strengthening of quarantine measures. Because of this, these products have strengthened their place in the market.


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Our equipment, which we would like to present to you, dear entrepreneurs, serves to meet the high demand in this field. With the help of this equipment, you can produce alcohol wipes of different sizes. The difference of this equipment from ordinary napkin equipment is that it can be produced even in very small sizes.

Briefly about the project

Required area: 40-50 m2

Necessary raw materials: non-woven spunlace fabric, isopropyl alcohol, fragrance ingredients

Power source: Electricity 220V 50Hz

Number of employees: 1 person

About the equipment

AFXD-250 machine produces disposable wet wipes and alcohol wipes. It is widely used in cosmetics and medicine.

Using this equipment does not require much knowledge and experience from the buyer. The principles of operation of the equipment are very simple. The following diagram shows the production process.

Now let’s take a closer look at the equipment.

Main features

  1. The equipment works stably and continuously, it is designed for the production of any type of wet wipes and alcohol wipes.
  2. Japanese dosing equipment is used in the equipment, and it works with high accuracy. The margin of error is 0.01ml.
  3. The equipment is easy to operate, PLC touch panel, can adjust the packaging temperature and speed according to the packaging material, product thickness and length. Servo motor.
  4. It can identify faults and show them clearly on the display.
  5. 6 different types of films can be used in the equipment. This will increase production costs and product ranges.
  6. The sizes of alcohol wipes can be changed. This, in turn, increases the volume of production and the number of products of the entrepreneur.

The following table lists the technical parameters of the equipment

Equipment for the production of alcohol wipes
Type of packaging Horizontal 4-sided packaging
Packaging materials CPP, PE, BOPP
Napkin Sizes (Fixed) Min 60*30mm Max 200*150mm
Napkin Sizes (Fixed) The standard size is 30*30mm
Packaging dimensions Length 30-50mm Width 40-110m
Speed 120-160/minute
Voltage 220V50Hz
Power 2.8KW
General dimensions 2800*1080*1800mm
Equipment weight 1000 kg




Hardware parts
Pumps IWAKI (Japan)
Servo motor Delta (Taiwan)
PLC screen Siemens (Germany)
Photoelectric part Yatai(Shanghai)

Video footage of the process


Total cost of the equipment: $30,000

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