Emulsion paint production equipment


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Paints have become an integral part of today’s construction industry!

The concept of paint is used in industry and everyday life

All paints can be divided into two groups:

  • Mineral (metal oxides or inorganic salts);
  • Organic (substances from plant or animal sources).

Both categories can have artificial (synthetic) and natural (natural) types.


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Each type of paint has its own characteristics. Therefore, the appropriate technology is used to obtain a certain paint. Paints can differ in color and physical state: enamel, primer, putty, varnish.

  • The production process consists of the following stages:
  • Preparation of the dispersing mixture;
  • grinding semi-finished products with pigments (necessary to obtain pigment paste);
  • combination of water dispersion with pigment paste of binders;
  • marking the type of paint and packaging it in containers.

The process of preparing water-based emulsion paints is slightly different:

  • the combination of pigments and film-forming substances (occurs in a special mixer);
  • grinding the mixture;
  • mixing the resulting mixture with varnish or with a solvent;
  • color matching;
  • cleaning content (aimed at eliminating impurities);
  • packaging in containers.

All the actions necessary to obtain a certain type of paint are carried out very carefully and require the appropriate skills of the employees.

Paint business

If we take into account the statistics, there has been a significant increase in the trade of paints and varnishes in the last 7 years. It should be noted that most of the sold materials belong to the imported manufacturer. And this does not indicate the low level of domestic products, but the small number of enterprises specializing in the production and sale of paints.

Despite the fact that mostly imported paints are offered in large and small stores, it is certainly a gratifying fact that the number of our manufacturers is expanding among them.


The customer can prepare raw materials and finished product storage warehouses for equipment based on their size.


Sections equipment Technical indicators Amount
1 Preparation department Vacuum pump 3 kw/h 2m3 1 pc
Vacuum buffer tanker 10L (carbon metal) 1 pc
Not for adding extras 10LSS304 stainless steel 1 pc
A compartment for adding powder 10LSS304 stainless steel 1 pc
2 Mixing section Stainless metal Dissolver 700L volume; 304 stainless steel 11 kw/h motor (speed control inverter) 1 pc
Horizontal ball mill 18.5kw/h motor Size 20L 1 pc
3 Filtering department Fabric filter Stainless steel ss 304 1 pc
4 Packaging department Packaging equipment Tag qism konveyeri bilan birga 1 pc
Air compressor 3 kw/h air compressor 1 pc
5 Cleaning department High pressure special pump 1.5 kw/h capacity 1 pc
6 Management department Management office Special machines, relay, voltmeter, ammeter, contactor and cable 1 pc
Platform Special frame platform for control panel and dissolver Made of stainless metal and carbon metal 1 pc


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