COVID 19 VIRUS TESTING LABORATORY (EXPRESS) by PCR (Polymer Chain Reaction) method


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During the current Covid-19 crisis, it is reliable and free to test for the disease
the importance of inspection is becoming increasingly clear. Preliminary tests of the disease
quick and easy and painless examination is important. That’s it
it should be noted that getting the test result in a short period of time is useful for everyone.
With this offered lab, you can get your test results in 60 minutes
you may know. 1000 people in one day using only this equipment
citizen can be checked. And this is the most important time for our people
gives us ace.

Most of the tests for Covid-19 are based on polymer chain reaction (PCR) or serological tests
can be Both tests look for different markers of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
uses different samples and neither of them is perfect.
Currently, most Covid-19 tests are using PCR. They are a virus
identify genetic information, RNA. Using this method, if there is a virus and
if someone has actively infected it, it will be detected immediately..
PCR tests do not detect the body’s immune response or the presence of antibodies
used to directly determine the presence of antigen. The formation of antibodies or
detection of viral RNA present in the body before the appearance of symptoms of the disease
through, tests can determine whether or not someone has had the virus too early.

“PCR gives us good information about who is infected. To separate them
can and contact the people they are in contact with so that they
they can get out of quarantine. Control-throat mucus samples
health workers by carrying out a PCR test to check from within the population
It has a clearer picture of the spread of a disease like Covid-19 within a population
can be.
It is still important for the entrepreneur to benefit from this equipment. Currently private
the cost of taking the test in clinics is $100 on average.
In the current situation, a fee of $30 would be optimal for the convenience of the population.
Then, if you subtract $5 for expenses, you can make a profit of $25. Of course
how the price is determined is up to the service provider. But to emphasize that
It should be noted that there is a shortage of 7 PCR equipment currently available for the entire Republic,
in addition, this equipment can be used in the analysis of other diseases.
Answering test analysis from 1000 people in one day using PCR equipment
possible During this time, you will have a net income of $25,000 per day.
In addition to the equipment, you also need the following items for each patient:

Special tubes for analysis

Disposable test tube for PCR analysis.


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