CO2 Laser Marking Equipment


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Advantages of the equipment:

High-speed galvanometer scanner, operating accuracy 0.05, marking speed up to 7000 mm/s.

The life of the CO2 laser source is up to 10,000 hours.

Mainly used materials:

PCB, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, bamboo, wood, paper,
rubber, alloy, oxide, electroplating, coating film, ABS,
epoxy, plastic, etc.



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Equipment type CO2 Laser Marking Equipment All in One
Laser power W1 =≧80W / W2 =≧100W
Laser wavelength 10.2-10.7nm
Light quality 100W = M5
Laser frequency W1 1kHz-20kHz
Standard engraving range Two-dimensional galvanometer; 100-300 Optional. Three-axis dynamic galvanometer: 300/400/600/800 Optional
Engraving depth ≤3mm
Total power 1.5KW
Minimum line width minimum English 1mm, minimum Chinese characters 2mm
Accuracy ±0.01mm
Tension AC220V/50Hz 10A
Engraving speed 600-1000 marks/line speed 7000mm/s
Dimensions 1710mm X 400mm X 1250mm
Computer system WIN7-32bit/WIN10-64bit
Cooling system Constant temperature water tank
Application Used in leather fabric, craft products, wood and bamboo products, paper, packaging, glass, rubber and other industries




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