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Service businesses are getting a lot of attention right now, but you have to have your own business to be a service provider. Businesses in the field of services are usually created based on the needs of people, and the line that we want to show you is one of the services that are in demand and the market is fast. This is a dry cleaning line.

As you know, competition will increase, new technologies will be introduced, but new technology will still win. We hope that the equipment that we will introduce to you below is designed with the latest technology and will serve your business for many years.


Available on backorder

1. Stains are removed using a garment stain remover that only needs to clean the stained part of the garment.

2. Washing equipment is selected depending on the type of clothes. For example: clothes weighing up to 5KG, allowed for dry cleaning – are washed in Hydrocarbon (Hydracarbon dry cleaning) dry cleaning equipment, or clothes and other types of fabric weighing more than 5KG and not recommended for dry cleaning – washed using Aqua cleaning equipment.

4. Depending on the type of clothes, the type of iron is selected and brought to the ironing equipment using a special trolley.

5. Universal ironing equipment is designed for any type of clothes and fabric types. Universal iron Works with a hand iron connected to the ironing equipment.

6. Ironing equipment in the form of a suit/shirt is also connected to the ironing equipment, which corrects the wrinkles of the clothes by ironing them from inside the clothes worn on the mannequin. This process can also be done using a universal ironing equipment, but since it takes a lot of time and labor, it is preferable to iron with a dummy. Another convenience aspect is that it irons by steaming from the inside of the garment and ensures long-lasting durability of the customer’s garments.

7. Clothes that have undergone stain removal, washing, and ironing processes are wrapped in polyethylene cellophane with the help of package covering equipment so that dust does not touch and does not get dirty again.

8. Packaged clothes are hung on a hanging conveyor with hooks, and when the customer arrives, clean clothes are taken from them by means of a self-moving conveyor.

9. The steaming equipment provides steam for the operation of the equipment in the above mentioned ironing process.

Here is a 3D view of the Chemical Cleaning Line:

Dear customer! We plan to offer more according to your requirements, so we would like to present you a more compact version of the line introduced above:


The technological engineer who installs the equipment will provide detailed information to the buyer about the chemical additives used in the washing process.

Payments can be made through an account number in our national currency soum, corporate cards of entrepreneurs, foreign currency account number, international payment cards.

Buyers receive their equipment from the warehouse of “Afex-Group” LLC in Tashkent, and our company undertakes free delivery of your equipment and raw materials to any region of Uzbekistan.

(Installation costs are paid separately by the buyer)

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