AF-B005 motor block renewal equipment for cars and trucks


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As our time has progressed, many devices have been invented to make people’s lives easier. One of the most popular of these is cars. They are the most common machinery on earth. In our country, the production of cars and trucks, which please each other’s eyes, is constantly growing. At present, 10 models of cars under the brands “Chevrolet” (Chevrolet) and “Ravon” (Ravon) are produced at 3 production sites of JSC “GM Uzbekistan”, including Matiz, Spark (R2), Nexia (R3), Cobalt ( R4), Lacetti (Gentra) models are produced at the main production site in Asaka, Tracker, Malibu models at the branch in Tashkent, Damas, Labo models at the branch in Pitnak.


“GM Uzbekistan” JSC, Asaka city – 250 thousand cars.

“GM Uzbekistan” JSC branch, Pitnak city – 40,000 cars;

“GM Uzbekistan” JSC branch, Tashkent city – 10,000 cars;


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As can be seen from the small statistics given above, today our streets are full of cars. At this point, the number of technical service points is also increasing day by day, and the demand for it is also very high. Whether we like it or not, over time, the engine, which is the heart of our cars, experiences technical failures. Of course, since this part is one of the most expensive parts, not everyone can afford to replace it with a new one. Our company AFEX-GROUP spares its knowledge and experience in organizing a profitable service for you. Now let us introduce you to the equipment you need to set up a light and small truck motor blog. Currently, this is not widespread and many people have an abstract concept of service consisting of difficult and expensive equipment. The reason for this is that the service is carried out in a closed state and the customer is kept as secret as possible about how the work is done. Of course, we can call such a method a trade secret. Now we will reveal that secret to you.

First of all, when the car engine is in a state of repair, the factor that caused it is determined. The reasons can be different, driving the distance that is suitable for the car, using low-quality oil, not passing technical inspection on time, low-quality fuels and so on. When we look at the block, we see the cylinders in it, and the cylinders ensure the smooth movement of the pistons. Over time, bodies and hard parts form in our block cylinder, and as a result, the movement of the pistons slows down. Naturally, you will have an increase in oil consumption, you will not be able to reach the desired speed, the noise in the car will increase, and the fuel consumption will also increase. In some cases, the car may even stop moving. In such a situation, you will have to contact a good service center. Let me introduce one by one the equipment used in the service process.


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Model AX-6010DF
Capacity 264L
Ultrasound power 3000w
Heating capacity 6w
Temperature 0-80C
Management PLC digital control
Internal workspace size 800*600*550(L*W*H)
Material SUS 304
Frequency variability 48-40KHz


First, spare parts or engine block must be thoroughly cleaned before processing. Many people believe that this process is done manually, and this is considered a misconception. Cleaning using modern ultrasonic signals is very convenient and ensures high-quality work. The cleaning equipment that we recommend to you is the most modern, and cleaning filters are installed in order to save the liquid and water used for washing. Filters allow you to clean your products to your heart’s content and save detergents. The equipment has a modern plc control panel that can control washing time, frequency, temperature and speed.


Block cylinder alignment equipment
Model AX8018Z
Processing is diametric In the range of 30-180mm
Maximum routing depth 450mm
Spindle speed 175,230,300,350,460,600r/min
Layer thickness 0,05*0,01*2mm
Main motor power 3,75kw/h
Equipment size 2000*1250*1920mm
Weight 2000kg


After the block is thoroughly cleaned, it is placed in this equipment for the initial alignment of the cylinder interior. Depending on the diameter of the cylinder, the guide part is placed on the equipment. The routing depth is adjusted with the exact diameter. In the technical specifications of the equipment, you can read information about the minimum and maximum depths and diameters. The equipment also participates in the last stage, that is, it serves to sharpen the surface of the block using a special disc. Since the equipment is driven by an inverter motor, it is possible to change the speed depending on the type of metal of the motor and the thickness of the processing. The equipment is very convenient to use, because after placing the motor block, you can align it to the vertical guide by moving the lower table.


After primary routing of block cylinders is completed, it is processed at the second stage in both blade and wheel routing equipment. At this stage, the level of smoothness of the inner surface layer is brought to a very precise state. In such a process, it is done with the help of special oil to make it easy to work. The function of the oil is to facilitate and cool the workpiece. After finishing the honing process of the internal part, the vertical block is placed on the routing device and the surface of the block top is thoroughly polished on a special disc.

The equipment is mainly used for honing car, motorcycle, truck and tractor engines and v-engines.

1. The machine table can be adjusted by 0°, 30° and 45°.

2. The machine table is easily raised and lowered manually up to a distance of 0-180mm

3. Accuracy level 0.04mm

4. 0-30m/min up and down movement speed.

Vertical honing equipment
The cylinder direction is internal diametric F35-F170mm
Maximum routing depth 320mm
Spindle speed (in 4 steps) 120,160,225,290mm
Stork (in 3 stages) 35,44,65s/min
Main motor power 1.5kw/h
Cooling pump 0.125kw/h
Internal workspace size 1400x870mm
Equipment size 1640x1670x1920mm
Weight 1000 kg


We believe that by starting this business, you will increase your income. As the standard of living of the population increases, the number of cars increases dramatically. By itself, the area of service for them will expand. Now is the right time to start this business, because currently our market is not saturated with such services and this may be a good opportunity for you.


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