Automatic plastic bag production line


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According to the decision introduced by our government, from January 1, 2019, sellers were prohibited from providing free polyethylene bags to customers who purchased products. In addition, it was forbidden to add the value of packages to the price of purchased products or to sell them at prices below their cost. Taking into account foreign experience and public discussion, the State Ecology Committee, together with the relevant ministries and agencies, was tasked with submitting reasonable proposals for the introduction of an environmental levy to the group of manufactured and imported goods that cause damage to the environment after losing their useful properties by January 1, 2020.

Also, it is prohibited to produce packages from polymer film with a thickness of less than 40 microns on the territory of the country. Only packages made of polymer materials without biodegradable handles – packages that are considered an integral part of product packaging, as well as packages for household use – were allowed. After reading the above points, many people may have thought that plastic bags are about to disappear, but this is not quite true. Currently, the recycling of plastic products is widely promoted, and because it is somewhat difficult to recycle very thin plastic bags and it is not justified to recycle them, we can say that it is easier to recycle thicker plastic bags, i.e. 40 microns.


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General information about the line

Required building size: 100 m2

Energy type: Electric current

Voltage: 380 V 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 43 kw / h

Number of workers required: 2 minimum

2-color rotogravure printer extruder for plastic bags

With the line we recommend you below, you can produce packages up to 200 microns thick. The equipment is made on the basis of the most modern technologies, a PLC control system is installed in it, and everything is under your control through the TOUCH SCREEN panel. We have installed an online 2-color rotogravure printer on the equipment, which allows you to print the necessary logos on the packages during the work process. Rotogravure and Flexo printers are used for packaging, and their print quality varies. Flexo, for example, works by printing an image onto a rubber shaft, and small details and text can be lost or blurred. Rotogravure printers use the latest generation of laser engraving on a metal shaft. In this process, image clarity is ensured, in which even small text is clearly visible.

Advantages of the equipment

  • A rotogravure printer is used, which can print an image on both sides of the product at the same time
  • The equipment can use PE/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/recycled PE granules as raw material.
  • The screw material is made of durable 38CrMoAl and comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The possibility of using a cylinder of different diameters (75-180mm)
  • Cast aluminum with ceramic coating for heating, giving you high efficiency with low power generation of heating elements
  • Computerization of product output speed control
  • The ability to make labels for various products (salt, pasta, napkins, bread, etc.).
  • Extruder with 2-color rotogravure printer for plastic bags
    Raw material type PE/HDPE/LDPE, secondary PE
    Screw diameter 45mm
    Working width 100-550mm
    Thickness 0.012-0.3mm
    Extruder motor power 7.5kw
    Speed of operation 0-50 meters/minute
    Power consumption Q25kw/h
    Production volume 45 kg/hour
    Weight 2700 kg
    Size 6000x1600x3500mm


Automatic packet caching and tracing

The equipment is a high-efficiency equipment for cutting, welding and opening the grip area of the semi-finished product coming out of the roll package extruder.

  • The equipment is fully automatic and at the same time cuts the plastic bags in the required sizes, counts them in the desired quantity and prepares them for packaging.
  • The control panel of the equipment is equipped with a touch screen with a microcomputer PLC control panel.
  • The equipment is equipped with a servo motor, and the speed can be easily controlled.
  • Makes a low noise.
  • You can also produce other types of handle packs by changing the machine’s imprinting die.


Automatic package cutting and tracking equipment
Working width 100-500mm
Working length 100-3000mm
Speed 50-100 pieces/minute
Power consumption 4.3 sq
Control Panel Microcomputer, PLC sensor
Weight 650 kg
Size 3000x1000x1600mm



Samples of products



Automatic roll package cutting equipment

The equipment has a high effective speed and is able to work with semi-finished products on two hangers at the same time.

Advantages of the equipment

  • The control panel of the equipment is equipped with a touch screen with a microcomputer PLC control panel.
  • The equipment is equipped with a servo motor (Taiwan), so you can change the speed according to your convenience.
  • You can place 2 rolls in the machine at the same time.
  • When an error occurs, the equipment will automatically stop and inform you where the error is occurring.
  • .
    Automatic roll package cutting equipment
    Working width 500mm
    Working length 1200mm
    Speed 40-120 pieces/minute
    Power consumption 3kw
    Control Panel Microcomputer, PLC sensor
    Thickness 0.008-0.15mm
    Weight 900 kg
    Size 3400x1300x1700mm


Finished products

Air compressor

Air compressor
Power 11kw
Production volume 1200L/minute
Air pressure 16 bars
Noise 68dBA
Voltage 380V50Hz
Weight 500 kg
Size 2100x850x1500mm




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