PVC decorative panels production line


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List of required equipment:

  • Delivery equipment 3 pcs
  • PVC mixer
  • Vibrating sieve
  • Portable bunker (silo) 2 pcs
  • Extruder equipment
  • Vacuum calibration equipment
  • Equipment for straightening PVC panels and bringing them to the next stage
  • Laminating and stamping equipment
  • Cutting equipment
  • Finished product assembly equipment
  • PVC film cutting equipment
  • PVC crushing crusher equipment
  • Special pulverizer (mill) for PVC
  • Molds


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Automatic delivery equipment

Automatic delivery equipment serves to deliver raw materials and products to the equipment. This line requires 3 pieces of delivery equipment.

The first delivery equipment is loaded with raw materials and delivered to the mixer.

The raw material coming out of the mixer goes to the second delivery equipment and is delivered to the vibrating screen through it. Sifted raw materials are put into a portable hopper through the third delivery equipment. The portable hopper is rolled up to the extruder equipment, the raw material from the hopper is loaded into the fourth delivery equipment and delivered to the extruder through it.

First delivery equipment
Bunker capacity 200 kg
Motor power 2.2 sq
Delivery pipe diameter 159 mm



Second and third delivery equipment
Product transfer rate 200 kg/h
Motor power 2.2 sq
Delivery pipe diameter 133mm


PVC mixer

PVC raw materials and chemical additives were mixed using a mixer. Raw materials are put into the heating mixer at the first stage, and at the next stage, the raw materials are transferred to the cooling mixer. The finished product is delivered to the next equipment using an elevator.

The total production capacity of the mixer: 500 kg/h

The mixer consists of the following parts:

  1. Heat mixer
  2. Cooling mixer
  3. Automatic delivery elevator
  4. Electric control unit

Heat-mixing mixer

Total size 300 liters
Production capacity 500 kg/h
Motor power 55 sq
Heating power I12 sq
Quantity of blades 3 pcs
Mixing time 8-10 minutes at a time


Cooling mixer

Total size 600 liters
Production capacity 500 kg/h
Motor power 11 sq
Rotary blade speed 60 rpm
Type of cooling Water cooling
Cooling time 10-12 minutes at a time
Weight 4500 kg
Size 4600x3000x3000 mm


Vibrating sieve

The raw material delivered by the elevator falls into the sieve. Sieve sifts raw materials using vibration. The product coming out of the sieve goes to the elevator.

Motor power 3 sq
Sieve diameter 2000 mm
Material SS 304
Production capacity 2000 kg/h


Portable bunker

The portable hopper has four wheels and is used for transporting raw materials and products.

Bunker size 1500l/h
Bunker wall thickness 3mm
Bunker diameter F1100 mm
Material SS304


Extruder equipment

Raw materials passed through a mixer and a sieve are put into the hopper of the extruder using a special hopper. From the hopper, the product enters the extruder, where the raw material is squeezed through a small hole with a rotating spiral screw. As a result, the raw material is compressed and has a solid shape. The resulting pressure increases the temperature of the raw material, which helps to increase the efficiency of mixing the components. At the next stage, the resulting mass enters the plasticizing zone, where it is heated and melted. The melted mass is poured into a mold. The raw material comes out of the mold in the form of a plastic panel.

Don’t forget the molds here. Molds of different sizes are placed inside the extruders. In this case, the size of the mold is made according to the customer’s request. Dimensions of molds: 250, 300, 350, 400 mm.

Screw diameter: 55 /120 mm
The length of the auger is :1245 mm
Product width (mould) : 200-500mm
Screw rotation speed : 1-34.8 rpm
Heating power : 14 kW
Nitriding hardness : 940 HV
The depth of nitration is : 0.4-0.7 mm
Extruder hopper heater:  Cast aluminum heater
Heating zones:  4
Extruder hopper cooling method : Air cooling


Vacuum calibration and cooling equipment

The function of vacuum calibration equipment is to maintain the shape of plastic pipes. The plastic panels coming out of the extruder are hot. It is very easy for them to change shape when it is hot. This equipment solves this problem by vacuuming and cooling.

The power of the vacuum pump is 4 kW
Vacuum pump pressure -0.08 Mpa
Vacuum parts 20 pcs
Cooling parts (using water) 20 pcs
The length of the vacuum cooling table is 1500 mm
The capacity of drying PVC panels is 1.5 kW


Equipment for straightening PVC panels and bringing them to the next stage

This equipment is used for straightening plastic panels. The panels pass between two belts and are pressed and transferred to the next stage.

The maximum pulling force is 15000 N
The speed of pulling is 0.5-5 m/min
The power is 1.5 kW
The material of the traction block is Rubber


Laminating and stamping equipment

The finished panels from the laminating and stamping equipment are passed through special rollers, in this process a PVC film with a special image and pattern is glued and not stamped for a strong adhesion.

The maximum panel width is 400 mm
The maximum panel thickness is 2-80 mm
The total power is 1.7 kW
Conveyor speed is 5-30 m/min
The size of the equipment is 2200×900 mm


Cutting equipment

Our equipment cuts plastic panels according to the length required by the customer. A distinctive feature of the equipment is that it does not emit any dust or debris when cutting a plastic panel. When plastic panels are cut on conventional equipment, scraps of those panels are formed and as a result the quality of the product is damaged. This equipment does not produce any extra parts or dust.

The maximum cutting size is 400 mm
Blade material High-quality steel
Blade diameter is 90 mm
The required air pressure is 0.3 Mpa
Control style PLC control panel


Finished product assembly equipment

The PVC panels coming out of the cutting equipment go to the collecting equipment. This equipment is 4 meters long, and the collecting part is made of stainless metal.


The length is 4 meters
The material of the panel assembly part is SS304


PVC film cutting equipment

The function of this equipment is to cut PVC films from large rolls into small PVC panels.

The maximum winding diameter is 400 mm
The maximum speed is 200 m/min
The maximum cutting speed is 50-180 m/min
Cutting width 50-500 mm
The diameter of the winding shaft is 76 mm
Voltage 380V 50 HZ
The power is 4 kW
The weight of the equipment is 2000 kg
The size of the equipment is 2800x1500x1600 mm


PVC crushing crusher equipment

Product reception area is 505*320mm
The diameter of the rotating blades is 400 mm
For PVC panel width <500 mm
The number of rotating blades is 5 pieces
The rotation speed is 500r/minute
The number of fixed blades is 2 pieces
Blade material SKD-11
The size of the output product is 10 mm
Capacity 250-350kg/hour
The power of the main engine is 15 kW
The power of the air blower is 4 kW
The volume of the silo is 0.5m3


Special pulverizer (mill) for PVC

PVC pulverizing equipment, that is, it can also be called a mill by another name. It is used for grinding plastic and other products of solid and granule type. Raw materials are delivered to the grinding part through the vibrating delivery part. A high-speed mill grinds the product, and the product from it is directed to the next stage through a special suction unit. When the products are added in the required dose, they are crushed in a mill and brought to the form of a uniform powder. Larger pieces that did not pass through the sieve are thrown back into the mill, and the process is repeated again. This equipment is mainly used for crushing LDPE, LLDPE, RPVC, HDPE, UPVC, PC and other plastic brands. Almost all plastic extrusion lines use this equipment service.

Made in China
Voltage 380v 50hz
Motor capacity is 37 kw/h
Grinding mill external diametric 500mm
The number of internal blades is 12 pieces
The number of moving blades is 24 pieces
Control panel Push-button control panel
Suction fan motor 3kw
The volume of the hot mixer is 300L
Mixer rotation speed 475-950 r/min
Product release method is 0.75 kw ventilation method
Sieve size 30-80 (selectable)
Production capacity is 180-280 kg/hour
The size is 2500*2100*3800 mm
It weighs 2100 kg



Video from the production process


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