Automatic napkin production equipment AF-7000A


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The demand for disposable products in our daily life is increasing, but not decreasing. Disposable containers for food and drinks, especially disposable napkins made of paper, are used by each of us almost every day. Disposable paper napkins are completely replacing cloth napkins in cafeterias, cafes, restaurants and wedding halls, and even at home. Because this type of napkins not only fully meet the hygienic requirements, but also very convenient to use. That is why the demand for this type of napkins is increasing in our country. Before starting any business, any entrepreneur worries about the future of his business. We would like to explain below the reasons why this business is suitable for our region:

  • Since this industry is not very popular in our country, it will not be difficult to enter the market with your product;
  • It is possible to find raw materials for the product in the territory of our country at any time and in any volume
  • Due to the fact that the volume of the finished product occupies a lot of space, the production will be effective in the regions as well;
  • There is no need for a qualified worker;
  • Since the time of selling the product to the customer is not limited, you can not be afraid that it will expire and spoil like food products.


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General information about production:

Production area: 50-60 square meters

Electricity: 380V

Workers: 2 people

Production capacity: 900-1000 units


These types of standard napkins have always been in high demand. According to statistics, this product is 3 times more expensive than other types of napkins. After the outbreak of the Covid virus, the usual towel in households has taken a significant place. This type of napkins fully meets the requirements of sanitation and hygiene.

The raw material is loaded into the equipment and then started, in which the raw material passes between the embossing shafts and gets its characteristic color. At the next stage, it is bent into the desired shape, passes between the cutting blades, and then it is ready for packaging.

Advantages of the equipment

  • An inverter is used for the equipment, so you can change the speed of operation as you like;
  • We installed hydraulic elevators on the equipment, which ensures uniform delivery of raw paper to the equipment even when there is a shortage of paper;
  • There is an automatic counting system so that the workers are not bothered when packing the finished product, and it is convenient for packing;
  • The equipment is made of strong metal and does not vibrate during operation;
  • A low-noise compressor is installed for more accurate operation of the equipment.
  • Automatic napkin production equipment AF-7000A
    Produced China
    Voltage 380V/50Hz
    Power consumption 4.5-5.5 KW
    Finished product size 230*230mm (110*110mm when folded)
    Raw width 230 mm
    Production speed 900-1000 pieces/minute
    Inverter (Taiwan)
    Electrical parts CHNT(China)
    Equipment weight 1000 kg
    Equipment size 3000*1100*1800mm

Video footage of the process

Fields of application

  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • In apartments
  • Wedding hall
  • and other restaurants

You can pre-order a shaft in the pattern you want

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