Automatic paper napkin production equipment (with touch control panel) AF-B002

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The demand for disposable products in our daily life is increasing, but not decreasing. Disposable containers for food and drinks, especially disposable napkins made of paper, are used by each of us almost every day. Disposable paper napkins are completely replacing cloth napkins in cafeterias, cafes, restaurants and wedding halls, and even at home. Because this type of napkins not only fully meet the hygienic requirements, but also very convenient to use. That is why the demand for this type of napkins is increasing in our country. Before starting any business, any entrepreneur worries about the future of his business. Below are the reasons why this business is suitable for our area:

  • Since this industry is not very popular in our country, it will not be difficult to enter the market with your product;
    It is possible to find raw materials for the product in the territory of our country at any time and in any volume
    Due to the fact that the volume of the finished product takes up a lot of space, the production will be effective in the regions as well;
    There is no requirement for an individual skilled worker;
    Since the time of selling the product to the customer is not limited, you can not be afraid that it will expire and spoil like food products.


3 in stock

If you buy a colored roll, you will be able to make napkins that look like this

“AFEX-GROUP” company offers you such napkin production equipment. In cases where additions to the information about the equipment are necessary, you can contact our office.

The equipment is automatic and cuts the finished raw material (cellulose) from the roll to the required size, counts it, and makes it ready for packaging.

According to the customer’s request, the shaft of the equipment is engraved with a pattern or a brand.

If the buyer wants to put a color brand on the napkin, he can buy an additional color roll. (one color – $950)

Packaging equipment for the product is made by our qualified technologists. (this device is not included in the equipment price)

A room no smaller than 6m*3m is enough for the equipment.

Below are the technical specifications of the equipment.

Produced China
Voltage 380V50Hz
Size 3200x1000x1800mm
Voltageproduct size According to the customer’s request
Production capacity 0-800 units/minute
Electricity consumption 4 sq
Raw material size <1200
Material Stainless steel S208
Weight 890 kg

Touch control panel

In Uzbek language

You may also find lower prices than what we offer you when you contact other equipment dealers. In fact, you can quickly notice the differences from the appearance of the equipment. We would like to emphasize to you that below we will tell you what makes our equipment different from other similar equipment.

  • We have installed hydraulic lifters on the equipment, which ensures uniform delivery of raw paper to the equipment even when the paper is running low;
    By using an inverter for the equipment, you can change the speed of operation as you like;
    There is an automatic counting system so that workers do not have difficulty in packing the finished product;
    The equipment is made of solid metal and does not vibrate during operation
    A low-noise compressor is used to make the equipment work more precisely

Now let’s calculate the remaining profit from the paper napkin production business.

1 ton of finished raw material (cellulose) for the product costs 14,000,000 million soums. We help you to buy raw materials from local market or abroad. The equipment processes one ton of raw materials in 3 days.

On average, 33,000 packs of napkins can be produced from one ton of raw materials.

The average wholesale price of a pack of paper napkins is 700 soums.

33,000×700=23,100,000 soums.

So, 21,000,000 soum worth of products are produced from one ton of raw materials. Now let’s subtract the costs.

14,000,000 soums of raw materials

36,000 soums of electricity consumption (for 3 days)

1,000,000 soums for the packaging of napkins

300,000 soums for workers (from 50,000 soums per day for 2 workers to 3 days)

500,000 soums for other expenses

You can earn about 5,000,000 soums from one ton of raw materials in three days. This income will become 50,000,000 soums in one month. All you have to do is use your entrepreneurial skills and sell all your products.

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