Adhesive tape (scotch tape) production line


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About the product in brief:

“SCOTCH” in common languages, despite the English name Scotch – Scotland, was first created in Germany. Duct tape was originally made of gauze and was patented in 1882 to Paul Karl Beiersdoff. Pharmacist Oskar Troplowitz, who worked at Beiersdorf AG at that time, improved it in 1901 and named it LEUKOPLAST. Later, the adhesive tape produced by Scotsman Dick Drew in 1925 was called “SCOTCH” (English scotch – Scotland).


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Adhesive tape is one of the widely used products mainly in stationery, packaging, enterprises and organizations, construction, schools, offices and other fields.

Required raw materials:

1) Polymer BOPP film.

2) Glue.

3) Cardboard.

The quality of the product depends on the quality of the raw materials. The basis of the adhesive tape is a polymer film. It can be of different thickness. Standard thicknesses start at 30 microns. Therefore, it should be chosen depending on the type of adhesive tape to be made.

Another important component of scotch tape is glue. Usually (Acrylic glue) water-based adhesives are used. Other types can give off a specific smell, which is generally not liked by the consumer.

Cardboard should be bought the most durable, because it is the basis and should not be deformed.


Product sales do not depend on the season. Customers are in demand for colored, decorated, and sealed versions of adhesive tape for office use. You can meet customer demand by producing adhesive tapes with the logo of major manufacturers and selling companies. It’s best to start with the most standard sizes with 45-48 mm wide adhesive tape, then you can expand gradually. On sale, you can find adhesive tapes of various widths that are in demand by customers.

Required field:

All equipment of the production line can be placed on an area of 150 square meters. The minimum height of the ceiling should be above 3 meters. Having all the equipment in one place ensures the production of many products with less workers. The number of workers requires 3-4 people.

Taking into account the budget and product sales of entrepreneurs, we provide a small but short-term multi-product production line for the customers of the “AFEX GROUP” team!

Line tracking equipment:

1) Equipment for cutting roll papers to size

2) Paper tube making equipment

3) Cut paper tubes to size

4) Equipment for installation of size pipes and extraction of finished products

5) Polymer film gluing and coloring equipment

6) Equipment for wrapping glued tapes in sizes

7) Roll length measuring equipment

The total production capacity of the line is 20-30 meters/min (width 500mm). That is, 10 pieces/min of scotch tape with a width of 50 mm and a length of 30 meters.

1) Equipment for cutting roll papers to size

Equipment conveniences; Speed regulation, upper and lower blades adjustment in the range of 20-1600 mm, pneumatic paper expansion or tension are all placed on the control panel.

Technical indicators
Paper width 1600mm
Paper diameter 1200mm
Cutting width 40mm
Cutting speed (min) 200m
Cutting knives 25
Power 5kw
Equipment dimensions 2200*2200*1600mm
Weight 1000kg

This equipment cuts the paper rolls to size. The paper cut to size is sent for pipe making.

2) Paper tube equipment.

A paper tube is made from glue and paper using equipment. The equipment is low-noise, all functions can be adjusted on the control panel, and it has the convenience of automatic cutting of the specified length.

Technical indicators
I/O speed 1-8m/min
Gluing method 1-2 servings
Paper fold diameter 15-100mm
Orash layer 3-13 layers
Management system Computer PLC
Equipment size 2900*1800*1600mm
Weight 2000 kg

We send the pipes ready in the equipment to the size cutting equipment.

3) Cut paper tubes to size

The equipment cuts the paper tubes to the specified dimensions using a circular disc. The cut pipes are pushed out using a pneumatic (compressor) cylinder. We send the size pipes to the equipment for installation and extraction of finished products.

Technical indicators
Minimum cut 12mm
Pipe diameter 76,2mm
Air pressure 0,5mpa
Working speed 30m/min
Power 2,2kw
Dimensions 1500*600*1000mm
Weight 200kg

4) Equipment for installation of size pipes and extraction of finished products

The equipment has the ability to automatically install pipes of size and remove finished products. This equipment also works with a pneumatic (compressor) cylinder.

Technical indicators
Pipe diameter 25,4-76,2 mm
Air pressure 5mpa
Dimensions 2800*800*1350mm
Weight 120kg

5) Polymer film gluing and coloring equipment

Polymer Bopp uses a printer to print transparent, printed, colored, patterned, and logo tapes (two colors are provided in this equipment). A layer of acrylic glue is applied to the equipment and dried in a drying oven at a temperature of 70-90 degrees. The product coming out of the oven is wound on reels.

(You have 2 options either to roll it into a large package and then cut it to size or connect it directly to the cut to size equipment for the finished product.)


Technical indicators
I/O speed 20-30min/m
The width of the colypes 500mm
Gluing method 1-2 servings
Cogozkatlam diameter 15-100mm
Orash layer 3-13 layers
Management system Computer pls
Print out two-color printing
The length of the oven 6m
Power 3faz, 380v,50hz 
Dimensions 8,1*1,6*2,6 m
Weight 2000 kg

6) Equipment for wrapping glued tapes in sizes

This equipment has a total of 8 shafts, 4 large shafts and 4 small shafts.

Technical indicators
I/O speed 120/min
Cutting width 500 mm max
Cutting width 10mm min
Management system Computer plc
Power 4kw max
Tension 3faz, 380v,50hz 
Dimensions 1,6*1,3*1,35 m
Weight 1000 kg 

7) Roll length measuring equipment.

The equipment is used to measure package lengths and rewrap poor quality packaged products.

Technical indicators
I/O speed 50-100 m/min
Roll diameter 200 mm max
Power 0,2 kw
Dimensions 500*450*650 mm
Weight 50 kg



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