The equipment for packing PET bottles in bundles AF-TP1-5


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This equipment is used for the final stage of product production. The equipment wraps the product in a special roll position and sends it to the hot tunnel. As a result of the temperature of the tunnel heating the film to the required level, the product is tightly packed together and hardens in normal air. In this way, the product is ready for sale in the market.

1. Review and protect the product over time.

2. Double size ventilation duct system ensures perfect packing.

3. The temperature is automatically controlled.

4. Imported frequency converter serves for fast control of steps

5. A cooling system that ensures that the products quickly fall into perfect shape.

6. The control panel is safe and simple to operate.

7. The counting position can be adjusted according to the size of the product

8. Tunnel dimensions can be customized according to your requirement.

The equipment is suitable for packing mineral water, bottled beer, drinks, etc. without a bottom layer (or with a bottom tray). It is advisable to use PE film for perfect packaging of goods. The whole production process adopts the customized technique based on German technology. The main parts are used from well-known companies such as OMRON, MITSUBISHI, FUJI, etc., which ensures stable and long-term operation.


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Model AF-TP1-5
Produced China, Shanghai
Maximum packing size L450*W560*H360mm
Packing speed 2-5 blocks/minute
Film width 550mm max
Conveyor weight lifting 30 kg max
Voltage & Power Consumption 220V & 50W
Size L1150*W910*H860mm
Weight 250 Kg

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