Textile labels production line AF-L018


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Textile labels are one of the basic and useful products that not everyone pays attention to. Because such labels contain information about the main product. In other words, we can call them business cards of textile products. Tagless clothing is like a “headless rider” because the main features of the clothing, how to use it, how to store it and the size of the clothing are written right on the label of the clothing. And products without a label are not accepted by consumers with complete confidence and weaken the positive impression about the manufacturer.


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The AFEX-GROUP team, known to you for its unique offers, presents you with just such a textile label production line. This seemingly small product is actually one of the most sought after products. By starting this business, you will “get into the soul” of entrepreneurs operating in the field of clothing and textiles in general, and most importantly, you will get a good income.


The equipment is designed to print information on labels. You can put any look you want on the label by installing a custom pattern or lettering die on the Hardware Wall. The equipment is convenient and safe to use. Unique patterns are available using oil inks and liquid inks. The color ratio is almost unchanged and is 0.1 mm. The advantage of the equipment is that it can print two-sided patterns at the same time. This saves production time.

Produced China
Voltage 220V50Hz
Size 1800*750*2000mm(L*W*H)
Electricity consumption 6.7kw
Product size Max: 140 mm
Print area 127-254 mm
Production speed 60m/min
Weight 800 kg



In the next step, the label tapes are cut using special equipment

This equipment is fully automated and designed to cut labels with hot and cold functions. Hot and cold cutting functions vary depending on the strip material. The machine can cut all kinds of label tapes.

Produced China
Voltage 220V 
Size 60*44*44cm(L*W*H)
Electricity consumption 1.5kw
Cutting size L:1-70cm;W:1-10cm
Cutting speed 400 pieces/min
Weight 50 kg


What raw material is used for the product???



Equipment for printing on label tape $ 18 300
Printed tape cutting equipment $ 4 300
Total: $22 600



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