Automatic roll quilting line


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“AFEX-GROUP” offers a modern, computerized multi-needle sewing, automated line for the production of bed sheets, blankets, mattresses, clothes, clothing linings and other products.


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Textile business in our country is a profitable investment. Bedding has always been in high demand. Bed sheets, blankets and pillows are bought by all people, regardless of their financial situation. These products, unlike other textiles, do not depend on fashion trends. Especially modern technologies leave no need to attract designers and certainly save from additional costs.

The manufacturer’s range of bedding should include models for different seasons. For example, summer light, demi-season is used in the slightly warmer spring and autumn seasons, while winter blankets are considered the warmest. Of course, the heating qualities of the product depend on the density and type of material from which it is made.

For example, in our country there are double bedspreads of the following sizes: 175 x 205 cm, 180 x 210 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 200 x 220 cm, the most common in the world. size 143 x 215 cm and 150 x 200 cm. Children’s bed sheets are available in 110×140 cm, and for newborns in 120×120 cm. In addition, you can find models of unconventional shapes and sizes on sale.

By purchasing the automated line for the production of this type of products from our company “AFEX-GROUP”, you will not only reduce the number of workers, but also increase the quality level!

General technological processes in product production

In the production of products, firstly, raw materials of synthefon are loaded into the synthefon grinding equipment in the line. The equipment sifts the raw materials and then loads the raw materials into a special hopper in the carding equipment through an air pipe conveyor. In the carding equipment, the raw materials are sent to the computerized multi-needle sewing machine with substart and surface fabric in specified sizes. A multi-needle sewing machine sews the desired decorative flowers on the raw materials and brings them to the state of the finished product. Then the products are cut to the required size in the cutting machine.

Required raw materials:

Synthetic or cotton.

Substart fabric.

Synthetic, silk, cotton fabric.

Various light industrial yarns.

Necessary infrastructures to start the activity:

Required area; the equipment location area should be 10×5 meters, the total area should not be less than 70 m².

Electric energy; 18 sq.

The number of workers is 2-3 people.

Line equipment:

Spying equipment.

Carding equipment.

Multi-needle sewing machine.

Equipment for cutting to size.

Automatic coil winding equipment.

Air compressor.

Cutting and carding equipment – these equipments are installed in the production line for the purpose of automation. Depending on the type of your product, synthetic fibers or cotton fibers are processed in a shredder to further expand their size. The processed fibers are loaded into a special hopper in the carding equipment through an air pipe conveyor. In the carding equipment, the raw materials are sent to a specified thickness by a multi-needle sewing machine.

Technical indicator
Fibrous materials 75D-15D
Width 240sm
Opportunity 200kg/h
Voltage 380v, 50hz
Power 7kw
Size 500*2800*3150mm


Multi-needle sewing machine- There is an automatic needle selection, orientation brake system. Windows computer software can be used, computer operating system and design software with more than 250 designs, and can create new designs. All processes are controlled by LCD display, CNC control panel.

Technical indicator
Main square 2540 mm
Needle strips 3
Coverage width 128”(3.2m)
Speed 800 rp/min
Power 5.5 KW
Package Size 5500*1200*2100mm
Size 5500*1200*2100mm
Weight 5 t


Equipment for cutting to size. In order to cut the products in the required dimensions, the length is set in the memory of the cutting machine. Then the equipment automatically cuts the products to the specified length.

Technical indicator
Output height 3-30mm
Cutting width 3100mm
Speed 5000 mm/mib
Voltage (3 phase) 380v 50hz
Power 3kw
Size 2900*950*2100mm
Weight 780kg


Automatic bobbin winder – prepares required spools of various light-industrial threads for a multi-needle sewing machine.

Technical indicator
Rotation speed 1400 rpm
Speed 6 kg/day
Voltage 380V
Power 250W
Size 860x640x430mm
Weight 100 kg


An air compressor is a small auxiliary device for cutting equipment.

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