Textile (Jumper, coat, children’s clothes, etc.) production line AF-L023


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Today, light industry in Uzbekistan is one of the strategically important and rapidly developing branches of the national economy. The introduction of new production technologies, the use of high-efficiency, modern equipment along with effective management, industrial production enterprises ensure high labor productivity and growth. For a long time, our republic was limited only to the export of cotton fiber, now there are unlimited opportunities to take a leading position in the global textile market, not only as a supplier of cotton fiber, but also as an exporter of textile products, especially finished products. Today, the demand for woven products in the territory of our republic is also very high in the domestic market. Therefore, we can see that the import of woven products from abroad (Turkey, China, Russia) to our country has increased in recent years. We found that the real reason for this is that this field is not widely spread among the entrepreneurs of our country. AFEX-GROUP company is pleased to bring to your attention one of the most profitable industries, the finished product weaving equipment. There are certain observations that are required before you start your business.


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You should learn the following in your area:

There is a high demand for clothes for the population of which age in the region;
The sale of clothing for which season is well developed;
What is the average purchasing power of the population of the area where you want to produce goods?
What is the fastest growing market for gender-specific clothing?;
Mainly in which direction there is a demand for clothes (Sports, classic, home clothes, etc.)
Specify the region in which the clothes of your direction are mainly produced, or if they are imported products;
Take photos of the merchandise and weigh it, because it’s the weight, not the size, that matters to you.

By answering the above questions, you will be considered to have analyzed the market for your business. In each field, analysis is beneficial because you will have a clear idea of how much you need to produce, and you will be able to estimate your start-up costs and profits. Now let’s tell you about the equipment. We thought it best to advise you of this at the outset. Hardware products are divided into different classes (5G-16G) according to thickness. The sequence of classes is based on the yarn size that the weaving machine accepts. In this case, the equipment belonging to the 7th class produces the thickest products, that is, from a thick thread. if you need equipment for clothes worn in the spring season, you should buy equipment belonging to class 12-14. It is worth saying that it is a mistake to think that you can produce products of different thickness by purchasing one equipment. In addition, the design of the product produced by the equipment is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 system types according to the complexity of the weaving method. System types 1 and 2 are widespread in our country. The 3-system is a little more complicated and, accordingly, slower, so there is less demand for this type in our country. We will tell you the technical specifications of the 2 system types. You can order the one you like from the equipment classes. For your convenience, we sell all classes of equipment at the same price. This equipment can produce 2 lines of the same product at the same time.

In this recommended line, the main work is performed by the weaving equipment. For the product, the design is introduced first. If the design you choose is not in the memory of the device, it will be necessary to draw it using a special program. We also have a design drawing service, which is $50-$70 for one dress of moderate complexity. The hardware control panel is not very easy to understand, so we advise you to study it thoroughly with the help of a technician. 2 people are enough for our compact line that we recommend to you. Our company provides you with full service in finding threads for the product (Turkey, China). Around $3-5/kg depending on yarn quality and composition.

Jacquard weaving equipment
Produced China
Type of weaving Jacquard
System type 2
Receiving threads 5G-16G(buyer choose one model)
Knitting method 1 stage
Voltage 220V 50hz(380v50hz)
Power consumption 1kw/h
Work area 52 inches
Operating system Computerized
Knitting style Straight, straight
Size 2500*850*1550 cm
Weight 750 kg
Against sudden power outages Equipped with a CMOS system, it is saved in memory in the event of a sudden power failure
Hardware management language Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, etc

The weaving machine is adapted to accept any type of design, and if your design has a large number of colors, it will cause a significant decrease in speed. With the help of the equipment with the above technical parameters, you can produce 35-50 pieces of finished products per day. With the help of the equipment, you will be able to download various patterns and inscriptions in the process of weaving with threads. If you have enough funds, then it is better to start with more equipment. This is because you will have a wider range of products to offer and you will be able to enter the market faster.


This part serves to connect the collar part to the main part, which is knitted separately for the semi-finished product, that is, for our knitted product. it is advisable to use mainly for circular parts.

Equipment for connecting the collar
Produced China
The connecting part is diametric 14
Number of connecting points 3-14 dots/inch
Receiving threads 5G-16G(buyer choose one model
Voltage 220V50hz(380v50hz)
Power consumption 1/8 HP
Speed 350rpm
Size 200*245*100mm
Weight 30 kg


Overlock equipment serves to connect our knitted products together. We advise you to do this work with a special overlock, because it is of high quality and the seams should not sink into the body. As you know, in the process of work, the knitted product is knitted in separate parts. For example, it is divided into sleeve part, collar part, back and front parts. In this case, the parts are combined into a single product.

Special overlock for seams
Produced China
The number of needles 2
Speed control Servo system
Reception mechanism Automatic
Voltage 220v50hz
Power consumption 500w/h
Speed 6500rpm
Size 47.3*36*61.6cm
Weight 34 kg

Feel free to contact us for equipment, designs, and technologist services.


Weaving equipment 13700$
Equipment for connecting the collar 800$
Special overlock for seams 3900$
Total 18400$

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