Socks production line AF-L003

Due to many requests and interests, we decided to present the Socks production line to you. Below we present why hosiery equipment is in demand, the interests in it, and the various types of equipment options.

Entrepreneurs do not say for nothing that “whether it’s winter or summer, the main thing is work.” The socks production line does not choose any season, after all, socks are worn both in winter and summer! If you enter the market, your business will surely flourish.

“What is the reason why socks are popular?! ” – you are sure to think, it is not necessary to think hard about it. According to statistics, there are more births than deaths. This indicates that there is a need for socks for people from newborns to 80-90 years old. That is why the demand for socks in the market is increasing day by day, and the demand for quality is even higher.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of poor quality socks on the market?! With our three different types of equipment and our total line, we guarantee that you can deliver even better quality than the best socks on the market.

It’s no exaggeration to say that you might fall in love with the equipment we’re about to show you. Who doesn’t like money?! If you want, we can introduce you to a wholesale place of raw materials and qualified specialists/technologists. For this, you can use our consulting service by contacting us or visiting our office. We support your business development.

Sock production equipment model RB-6FTP

FS-6FTP sock production equipment

FX-7FTP sock production equipment (7th generation equipment)


These are the devices that are necessary for the operation of the equipment shown above.

Air traction devices

Overlock equipment

Air compressor

Ironing equipment

There is also a homemade device made with the help of local technologists, the cost of which is about $200.

In order for you, our dear customers, to make an easy and convenient choice, we will introduce the prices of the line in 4 different combinations:

“Midi” Socks line

The midi line is divided into two:

The first set consists of a set of equipment with minimum characteristics, the total cost of which is $4,350. Its difference from the second choice is the RB-6FTP sock knitting machine and manual iron.

The second set differs from the first set with the FX-7FTP seventh-generation sock knitting machine and iron imported from the factory in China. The total price of the second set is $6,550.

The “Pro” line is divided into two.

The first set consists of 5 pieces of RB-6FTP weaving equipment and equipment of maximum characteristics. Its total price is $25,600.

The second set consists of 5 units of FX-7FTP weaving equipment and equipment of maximum characteristics. Its total price is $33,350.

Reminder! The above prices are as of 01.11.2018 and are subject to change.

Payments can be made through an account number in our national currency soum, corporate cards of entrepreneurs, foreign currency account number, international payment cards.

Buyers receive their equipment from the warehouse of “Afex-Group” LLC in Tashkent, and our company undertakes free delivery of your equipment and raw materials to any region of Uzbekistan.

(Installation costs are paid separately by the buyer)

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